IGNITE Your Life and Business (or Career) NOW!

Enjoy a life well-lived, full of joy and purpose. 

...One INSPIRED action step at a time.

Using our signature 8 Elements of Momentum Process it's easy to know exactly what to work on next and how to inspire your action, ideas and vision. Using our gorgeous and highly functional 90 Day Power Planner, online IGNITE course, live workshops, and our life-changing annual IGNITE retreat, we're hear to IGNITE your inspiration and confidence to help you get into and stay in MOMENTUM.


CEO of The Women's Business Momentum Center

The Women's Business Momentum Center is a community of women from all of the world, who are motivated to be more joyful, productive, profitable and perform at a higher level by igniting their passion, re-connecting to their vision, mastering their time and upgrading their actions.  

We offer life and business coaching, webinars, retreats, workshops and online programs.

CEO Marianne Emma Jeff

Two time best selling author, and a life and business coach with over 10,000 hours under her belt.

If you are ready to upgrade your productivity, profitability and performance while creating more fulfillment in your life you are in the right place!

IGNITE Retreat 2020 Create the energy, ideas and actions to upgrade into Your Best Year Yet in 2020

Did You Get Your Ticket to IGNITE 2020 Yet?

Women who are in MOMENTUM book themselves out in advance.  So that they don't miss out on opportunities like IGNITE 2020.

Behind Every GREAT Woman is a GREAT Plan!

Reserve your spot today at this powerful annual reboot.  Surround yourself with luxury and friendship as you begin 2020 powerfully and consciously. 

  • Two Days of Workshops to take you through our signature process leaving you with a 2020 Blueprint to put into action to create your Best Year Yet in 2020!
  • Catered gourmet Lunch and Dinner on Saturday
  • VIP Red Carpet Banquet
  • Workbook to hold onto your ideas, insights and goals and use as a road map after you leave to create your Best Year in Business Yet in 2020!


Award winning members who are doing what they love and changing the world!


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