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Classes are designed to show women in business how to build, expand and re-ignite their business so that they can reach more people and make more of an impact on the world.... and their bank account!

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  • Monthly Masterminds (virtual or in person)
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  • 90 Day Goal Setting and Strategy Training
  • Virtual Get it Done Days
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The Women's Business Momentum Center is a community of women business owners all of the world, who are motivated to be more productive, profitable and perform at a higher level by mastering their time and upgrading their actions so that they can create business's that are profitable, productive and operated at a high level of performance.  

We offer business coaching, webinars, retreats, workshops and online programs.

CEO Marianne Emma Jeff

Two time best selling author, and a business coach with over 10,000 hours under her belt.

If you are ready to upgrade your productivity, profitability and performance by mastering your time and upgrading your actions so that you can make your next 6, 7 and 8 figures in your business you are in the right place!

Get the real scoop and learn:

What to invest in and when - so that you don't end up losing money

How much time to expect to invest in setting up and running your business.

What tools you will need to get started and exactly how you might use them.


Learn how to design Million Dollar Days 

Get more done in less time using Weekly Planning, Time Blocking and Power Hours 

Nail your 6,7 or 8 figure Winning Strategy and define your hourly rate  

Find hidden energy and power up your actions!


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