WBMC Power Tool #41: Own Your Story

We use stories to communicate ideas, influence, move other people and ourselves.   Just like DNA we all have unique stories that shape who we are.  Your Brand Story expresses your love affair with your WHY (your BIG purpose in life).  We also have many other stories in our lives.  Some stories move us forward and some stories move us backward!

Every month at The Women’s Business Momentum Center we spotlight one of our Business Power Tools.  This month the spotlight is on Own Your Story. 

Stories not only allow us to see more clearly in our business, they are a wonderful tool we can use to move other people and invite them to see clearly too.

Own Your Story:  Driving Questions

  1. What stories have you told yourself today that held you back?  How could you rewrite them?
  2. What stories have you heard today that moved your forward?
  3. How have your actions today aligned with your Brand Story (or your WHY and big purpose in life)?

Use these questions to get into Eagle Vision, see more clearly, rise above the itty-bitty-shitty-committee and power up your business today.

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