How to Double Your Daily Productivity & Profitability in Your Business!

Hosted by Marianne Emma Jeff, CEO of The Women's Business Momentum Center, 2 X Best Selling Author and Get it Done Diva!


2X Your Productivity that you get more done in less time by taking on the 'best practices' of Weekly Power Up's, Time Blocking and Power Hours 

2X Your Profitability nailing your 6,7 or 8 figure Winning Strategy and defining your hourly rate that upgrades your performance too!

2X Your Performance that you don't binge and burnout...instead find hidden energy and power up to a higher level of showing up in your business!

Learn How to Design Million Dollar Days

Enjoy examples of how other succesful women are doubling their daily productivity, upgrade your daily productivity and get laser coaching to help you implement these strategies into your day right away!

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