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Ignite the energy, ideas and actions to upgrade into Your Best Year Yet in 2020


Take the time to review, reflect, re-design and upgrade your life and your business as you step into the New Year.  As women we are super stars of ACTION.  We seize opportunities, jump in where we are needed most and stay late to complete projects and hit deadlines.  Busyness can set us on a treadmill of "doing" while leaving us very little time to think.

Visionary time allows us to design the next chapter of our business and our lives.  Stepping out of the "doing" for a couple of days to review and recognize what has been working or not working in our business (and our lives) over the last year can ignite us to move upwards. Couple that with exercises to stimulate and inspire new ideas, being surrounded by inspiring women in business and the invitation to celebrate the journey so far...

...and you have the recipe for your Best Year in Business Yet!

Behind Every Great Woman is a Visionary D.I.V.A... Ignite Your Best Year Yet with Great Women!

Marianne Emma JeffCEO of The Women's Business Momentum Center provides all instructions and materials during the retreat as well as a fun, safe, positive environment that is perfect for growth and reflection.

During this powerful retreat take part in guided visioning and fun rituals to celebrate the shift from one year to the next.  All while enjoying opportunity of free time to relax and reflect in the spa, poolside or by the fire pit.


Be sure to jump on this opportunity to register right now so you don't miss out!



>>> 1 PM - 5 PM VIP ONLY Pre-Retreat SOLD OUT Workshop (includes lunch)
>>> 7 PM - 8 PM IGNITE Early Registration



>> 10 AM - 12 Noon Session A: Own Your Story
  • Discussion, share stories of 2019 and it's lessons
  • Top 10 Lists and Shared Resources
  • Chapters of your book of 2019
  • Mind map 2019
  • Writing & Speaking Exercise:I used to, and then I and now I 
  • Invitation #1 to Take the Stage!
>>> 12 Noon - 1 PM Lunch on the Starlight Terrace Roof

South of the Border Housemade Totopos Salsa Verde, Charred Cilantro Salsa, Guacamole & Sour Cream ~ ~ ~ Roasted Corn Ensalada Field Greens, Roasted Corn, Tortilla Strips, Queso Fresco, Jicama, Orange Segments, Avocado Dressing ~ ~ ~ Three Cheese and Green Chili Enchiladas ~ ~ ~ Beef & Chicken & Tofu Fajitas Corn & Flour Tortillas, Salsa Bar ~ ~ ~ Rancho Style Pinto Beans (veg)* Mexican Rice ~ ~ ~ Mexican Inspired Dessert selection; Tres Leches, Chocolate Torte, Kahlua Flan with Caramel GF* ~ ~ ~ Iced Tea House Made Horchata 

>>> 1 PM - 3 PM Session B: Ignite Your Relationships & Power Words
  • Challenge Your Defaults
  • You become who you hang out with
  • Exercise: Your Roles
  • Honor Your Word - Power Words
  • Introduce who you will BE in 2020 
>>> 3 PM - 4 PM Reflect & Dive In!
  • Jump into 2020 with your Tribe!
>>> 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM|  Celebration at the Azure Pool 

Fresh Fruit and Sparkling Apple Cider  Served in Champagne Glasses Poolside


Dinner:  Organic Baby Field Greens Orange Honey Vinaigrette, Buttermilk Ranch ~ ~ ~ Grapefruit and Oranges Filets ~ ~ ~ California Avocado and Shrimp Salad ~ ~ ~ Seared Sea Bass Filet Grilled Asparagus, Charred Lemon Beef Skirt Steak with Roasted Baby Fingerling Potatoes, Chimchurri Grilled Citrus Chicken Breast with Sundried Tomato Artichoke Ragout Tri Colored Tortellini, Roasted Ratatouille and Pesto Cream ~ ~ ~ Seasonal Market Vegetables ~ ~ ~ Artisan Breads with gluten free option* Whipped Butters ~ ~ ~ Macaroons, Berry Shooters, Strawberry Shortcake Parfait, Gluten free chocolate cake*


>>> 10 AM - 12 Noon Session C 2019 Ignite 2020 Annual Blueprint

  • Brainstorming your 2020 desires
  • 12 month bucket list
  • Play with Annual Blueprint
  • Mind Map 2020
  • Questions to Ignite 2020
  • 10 Annual Desires and Your 2020 Theme
  • 2020 Vision Statement 
>>> 12 Noon - 2 PM Brunch on Starlight Terrace

Salad Bar Baby Kale, Little Gem, California Spring Mix Baby Pear Tomatoes, Grilled Asparagus, Heirloom Carrots Roasted Mushrooms, Watermelon Radish, Edamame Shaved Parmesan, Maytag Blue Cheese Balsamic Vinaigrette, Citrus Shallot Vinaigrette, Goat Cheese*, Ranch Dressing ~ ~ ~ Served Warm Sliced New York Steak Citrus Marinated Chicken Breast Herb Seared Salmon Paillard Tofu on Request** ~ ~ ~ House made Breads /Rolls Sweet Butter, Gluten Free Option ~ ~ ~ Dessert Mini: Strawberry Shortcakes, Chocolate Tarts, Apple Crisp, Tiramisu GF*, Crème Brûlée ~ ~ ~ Iced Tea ~ ~ 

>>> 2 PM - 5 PM Session D: Winning Environments, Zero Gravity and Upgrade Your Defaults
  • Embrace Your Hunger 
  • Upgrade Your Defaults
  • Complete Annual Power Up 
  • Winning Environments
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Pick what roles to feature in the Oscar Winning movie that will be your life this year.
  • Exercise Upgrade Your Defaults
  • Close  Ceremonies and Next Action Step

Monday Jan 20, 2020

>>> 9 AM - 12 Noon VIP ONLY Post-Retreat Workshop (includes breakfast) SOLD OUT

IGNITE 2020 is for Women Business Owners who are ready to IGNITE Their Best Year in Business Yet!


  • Two Days of Workshops to take you through our signature process leaving you with a 2020 Blueprint to move you into inspired action to create your Best Year Yet in 2020!
  • Catered gourmet Lunch and Dinner on Saturday
  • Catered gourmet Celebration Brunch on Sunday
  • Workbook to hold onto your ideas, insights and goals and use as a road map after you leave to create your Best Year in Business Yet in 2020!


Marianne Emma Jeff the Get it Done Diva!


CEO of The Women's Business Momentum Center for the last 10 years and two time #1 Best Selling Author.

At The Women's Business Momentum Center Marianne shows women how to IGNITE their life and their business.  She works with them to design a One Page Plan to hit 6 or 7 figures in their business and specializes in helping business owners use Business Storytelling to create powerful marketing pieces around their signature product or service, best selling books and powerful TED style presentations.

Marianne's clients want to establish themselves as experts by mastering the skills of speaking, writing and teaching so that they can become #1 Best Selling Authors, TED Speakers and Online Course Gurus!

It's all starts with a PLAN.... join Marianne at IGNITE 2020 and create a vision of success for you and your business!

What You Will Learn:

Throughout the The IGNITE 2020 Retreat you will be:

  • Taking Inventory of the last 12 months – Curiosity and experience are the best teachers.
  • Celebrating your accomplishments (big and small) – What you focus on E-X-P-A-N-D-S
  • Acknowledging patterns, habits and belief’s that are holding you back - Awareness is the precursor to choice and change!
  • Identifying key roles in their life
  • Recognizing and articulating core values and power words
  • Creating OR reviewing their BIG vision or purpose in life
  • Defining simple, clear, measurable goals for all of life's key areas
  • Building a solid foundation for 2020 and beyond to support them in their business and career - Creating a Winning Environment for Success!

IGNITE 2020 JANUARY 18 - JANUARY 19, 2020


Enjoy the star-studded luxury of this Palm Springs resort. The Omni Racho Mirage offers a relaxing oasis set against a backdrop of mountains and palm trees in the heart of the desert. The resort, located on 240 lush acres, has recently been renovated to include a fresh, new color palette, expanded fitness center, refurbished spa, redesigned boutiques and more.

Make a splash at one of our three pool settings. Splashtopia, our two acre water playground, features a 450-foot lazy river, two 100-foot water slides, cliff-side Jacuzzi, sandy beach and fountains and sprinklers for endless amounts of fun.

Take time for yourself, and replenish your body and soul, at our 20,000 square foot spa. New heights of relaxation will be discovered with our exhilarating treatments that use pure essences of desert botanicals.

"IGNITE" with Marianne was AMAZING!..."

Joanne Vargas
Producer, Owner - Fit Factor Studio


  • Taking an Annual Inventory (so that you can level up and see new choices and possibilities )
  • Recognizing your default behaviors, beliefs and actions and upgrading them (this allows you to elevate to High Performance)
  • Exploring your Influential Environments and turning them into Winning Environments (so that you create more ease and flow and eliminate some of the struggle)
  • Activating Eagle Vision (and taking you through our visioning process to map out the next year)
  • Upgrading your day to day routines and Dream Schedule
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone and leveling up as you strut the red carpet at our Gala Dinner (with delicious food and an amazing group of women so that you can celebrate who you are and who you will BE)
  • Creating your 2020 Blueprint including clear actions and a powerful goal as your North Star for 2020!

***SOLD OUT***

***SOLD OUT***

***SOLD OUT***

***SOLD OUT***


Purchase an IGNITE 2020 Conference Pass and also receive 4 IGNITE 90 Day Power Planners + 365 Days of IGNITE Your Business OR IGNITE Your life, to help you stay in MOMENTUM in 2010. 



DivaFest begins Saturday January 18 at 10 AM and goes through Sunday January 19 at 6 PM.  By upgrading you receive Sunday night accommodation so that you can continue to reflect, renew and design your Best Year Yet.  

Connect with fellow women in business over a gourmet lunch and then enjoy the opportunity to get clear on how to get the most out of this powerful weekend by clarifying your personal objectives, reviewing and reflecting on the last year and challenging yourself to show up at a higher level of learning.

Anchor in all of your great ideas, inspiration actions and goals from the weekend with your fellow high performance diva's.  Fine tune your Annual Blueprint, ask questions and fill in any gaps.  Create your Q1 2019 - 90 Day Power Plan. And share your Vision of the year aloud with the group and enjoy the magic of speaking into being your goals, dreams and actions for 2019!


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