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The Women's Business Momentum Center's IGNITE Your Life and Business Annual Membership!


Every 90 Days you will be delighted and re-invigorated when you receive your 90 Day Power Planner to keep you motivated, on track and connected to your vision of success.

This 90 Day Power Planner is centered around the Signature WBMC MOMENTUM Process. Start each quarter by reconnecting with your VisionIdeal Schedule and Annual Goals then move into completing your 90 Day Power Plan. 

Your 90 Day Power Planner has everything you need to create a Winning Environment and stay on track with your life and business targets as you move towards a more joyful life and take your business  or career to 7 figures and beyond!

Sample Pages from the IGNITE 90 Day Power Planner:


Guess what?  You are an evolutionary human being!  That means that something that worked really well one day, may not work the next.  Because YOU are not the same person day to day.

Depending on how we feel, different tools and strategies may flow easily or feel overwhelming and uninspiring.  If you are busy trying to fit in the same box everyday this may leave you feeling lost, confused, guilty or frustrated.  Instead with the IGNITE 90 Day Power Planner, I invite you to show up where you are each day.  Use the tools that feel good, today and tap into your natural MOMENTUM to flow downstream instead of exhausting yourself trying to paddle upstream.


Contrary to some of the guru's out there, goals, deadlines and long to-do list's may often leave you feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and burnt out, NOT productive, inspired and accomplished.  To IGNITE your natural MOMENTUM your desire needs to be sparked, otherwise you are simply going through the motions and not really getting anywhere.  And does that really define success?  A successful life is an evolution, an exploration and an experiment. 

Most planners create a rigid format for you to fit into and when you are not "in the mood" to function in that way, you feel guilty for not towing the line and don't use the planner.  Instead the IGNITE 90 Day Power Planner is designed to get you in the mood for success!

Inside this fun and inspiring planner you will find the space to explore, experiment and evolve! You have total permission to change your mind and show up differently everyday.  Your 90 Day Power Planner will hold onto your dreams and gently remind you of them without pushing you to take action when you are not inspired. Most of the time simply taking a few minutes to look at your planner each day will give you all the MOMENTUM and inspiration you need to IGNITE your day.

Use the tools, exercises, prompts and pages in the IGNITE 90 Day Power Planner to help you IGNITE your dreams and desires.  


Every Monday at 8 AM (PST) or catch the replay in our app or online anytime!

Weekly Momentum is an opportunity to evolve into the next week as coach Marianne Emma Jeff IGNITES you moving your through your Weekly Momentum pages in your planner to support you in expanding your imagination, moving into inspired action and disrupting your reality so that you can reboot and upgrade into the next week... every single week of the year!


The 90 Day Power Planner helps you keep track of WAY MORE than just your schedule! Every week, use our powerful Activation Questions, Gratitude tracking, Power Words, Brainstorming and Weekly reviews to plan for what works and discover how to ignite the next week.

Our signature 5-Step Momentum Process guides you along the way, showing you how to IGNITE your life and business in a simple,  effortless way that flows with your natural momentum.

Use the tools, exercises, prompts and pages in the IGNITE 90 Day Power Planner to help you IGNITE your dreams and desires. 

IGNITE Your Life and Business

IGNITE Your Life & Business




  • FOUR 90 Day Power Planners delivered by mail every 90 days. Over 130 beautifully designed pages with powerful functionality to create a more profitable and productive business, greater success and increased balance and joy in your life.
  • Ignite Your Life Online Course. Learn our signature Momentum Process to ignite your passion plus inspiration and training on how to use your 90 Day Power Planner
  • 90 Day Power Planning (Virtual Workshop). Designed to guide you step by step through creating a custom 90 day Power Plan.
  • Weekly Momentum (20 minute guided videos to help you quickly get in and stay in MOMENTUM). Every Monday, activate your week, and get into inspired action.
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  • IGNITE 2020 Retreat.  Build a solid foundation for your life and business. Discover your BIG vision and define simple, measureable goals to get you there in 2020 and beyond!
  • WHERE: Omni Las Palmas Resort and Spa in Palm Springs


  • 2 Days of Workshops to take you through our IGNITE process and leave you with a 2020 blueprint to create your best year yet!
  • Catered gourmet lunch and dinner Saturday and catered gourmet Celebration brunch Sunday
  • IGNITE Workbook to hold your ideas insights and goals and to use as a road map for an incredible 2020!


  • IGNITE Your Life and Business Annual Subscription

*Does NOT include accommodation.



Without energy, we struggle to accomplish anything. Simple shifts can make a BIG difference. The 90 Day Power Planner includes pages to help you plan for more energy, create meal plans and design self care routines to dramatically increase your vitality.


Every 90 Days, review our signature Momentum Process and use it to Ignite Your Projects. Break each project into small, actionable steps and use our guided questions to  spark your imagination, get inspired and reach your 90 day goals over and over again.

Ignite: TOOLS

Our Deluxe 90 Day Power Planner is chock full of the tools and resources every Diva needs to Ignite her life and business or career. Enjoy the guidance and inspiration to create your One Page Business Plan, Marketing Calendars, Business Flow Charts, 30 Second Pitches, 90 Day Goal Tracking, Winning Strategies for Success Tracking...and so much more!  All included with our 90 Day Power Planner.

"I now understand why you call it The Women's Business Momentum Center... I am beginning to feel that beautiful sense of MOMENTUM and can see how with just a little focused effort my business begins to run on it's own."

Nicole Yablan

"I can safety say that I would not be here today without the Women's Business Momentum Center. 90 days at a time I have built multiple businesses and continue to use the tools to stay in MOMENTUM. Marianne and her team have been the sounding board a single business owner needs. They challenge you when you need it and guide you when you need a softer touch."

Nicola Borland
Cheeky Monkey Portrait Studio

"The Women's Business Momentum Center is a valuable tool for anyone in business for herself. Being a small businesswoman can get pretty overwhelming. There is always a multitude of things demanding my attention. Using the Power Tools and being a part of this community of wonderfully dedicated businesswomen on a monthly basis to focus and plan is essential for me to keep grounded in my business and in my life. I have learned so much and will continue to learn learning how to achieve success both small and large, then raise the bar."

Tami Gutschall
Axis Chiropractic

Are you ready to IGNITE (or RE-Ignite) your life?


I look forward to showing you how to tap into your natural MOMENTUM, spark your desires and how to IGNITE 2020, and beyond!

Marianne Emma Jeff,

Get it Done Diva, #1 Best Selling Author and CEO of The Women's Business Momentum Center

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