The Women's Business Momentum Center's Momentum System

Most planning and productivity systems create a rigid format for you to fit into and when you are not "in the mood" to function in that way, you feel guilty for not towing the line and don't use the system at all.  Instead our 90 Day Play Book, and all the tools in The Women's Business Momentum Center's Momentum System are designed to get you in the mood for success!

You are an evolutionary human being!  That means that something that worked really well one day, may not work the next.  Because YOU are not the same person day to day.


Depending on how we feel, different tools and strategies may flow easily or feel overwhelming and uninspiring.  


If you are busy trying to fit in the same box everyday this may leave you feeling lost, confused, guilty or frustrated.  Instead at The Women's Business Momentum Center we invite you to

  • show up where you are each day
  • use the tools that feel good, today
  • tap into your natural MOMENTUM to flow downstream

Instead of exhausting yourself trying to paddle upstream!

Contrary to some of the guru's out there, goals, deadlines and long to-do list's may often leave you feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and burnt out, NOT productive, inspired and accomplished.  

Pushing yourself into productivity can trigger scarcity, tunnel vision, action binging and lead to a breakdown. To IGNITE your natural MOMENTUM your desire needs to be sparked, otherwise you are simply going through the motions and not really getting anywhere.  And does that really define success?  A successful life is an evolution, an exploration and an experiment. 

MOMENTUM is a state of Being... not Doing!

Forward Momentum is a feeling of deep satisfaction that shows up when we move forward towards the things that we desire in a state of play, matched by a strong positive belief in what we are doing.  We can enjoy Forward Momentum at any point of our project as it is not defined by results.  There are 5 Elements of Momentum, you might think of each of them as an on-ramp to Forward Momentum.  You can use any or all of them at anytime to shift out of binging, procrastination or backward momentum into what I think of as success...satisfaction, creativity, play and inspiration.

Are you ready to IGNITE your life & business?

I look forward to showing you how to tap into your natural MOMENTUM, spark your desires and how to IGNITE the next 90 days and beyond!

Marianne Emma Jeff

Get it Done Diva, #1 Best Selling Author and CEO of The Women's Business Momentum Center



Every 90 Days you will be guided to use our signature Momentum Process to move forward on our 7 Figure Business Check List.  Learn how to Ignite Your Projects as you break each project into small, actionable steps and then use our Signature 21 Questions to  spark your imagination, get inspired and reach your 90 day goals over and over again.

Ignite Your Life & Business!

Get in MOMENTUM with a community of women in business and learn how to grow your business with our 7 Figure Business Tool Kit, one inspired action at a time!


Each 90 Day Play Book helps you keep track of WAY MORE than just your schedule! Every week, use our powerful Activation Questions, Gratitude tracking, Power Words, Brainstorming and Weekly reviews to plan around what works and discover how to ignite the next week.

Your 7 Figure Business Tool Kit

As a business owner you know time is precious.  And although you may be familiar with the concept of working ON your business and working IN your business, it's not as easy to actually do it! 

Your hectic schedule of networking events, kids, day jobs, meeting with customers and delivering your products and services can quickly hijack all your time.  And the kicker is...if you do find a few precious minutes to sit down and work ON your business, often you don't know what to do, or what to do first!  You may find yourself doing the first thing that comes to mind, with passion and vigor before realizing, several hours later, that you went down a rabbit hole and are completely off track.  

Even pilots and surgeons can't always remember the right thing to do at the right time.  Do you know what they use to keep track everyday, not just in emergencies?  Checklists! 

At The Women's Business Momentum Center we have spent the last decade perfecting our 7 Figure Business Checklist to move business owners from million dollar IDEA to owning, branding, building, sales, standard operating procedures, developing your dream team, establishing yourself as an expert and leaving a legacy.  So that now when you finally find time to work ON your business you will always know the next best action step to take.  One check box at a time.

Enjoy the guidance and inspiration of your 7 Figure Business Took Kit to help you to create your One Page Business Plan, Marketing Calendars, Business Flow Charts, 30 Second Pitches, Money Making Strategies ..and so much more!  


Your 7 Figure Business Tool Kit Includes:

  • 44 Page 7 figure Business Tool Kit Workbook with tools, worksheets and examples that deep dive into line items from our 7 Figure Business Checklist
  • Business Power Up's  A library of over 30 self-paced mini courses to target specific line items on the 7 Figure Business Checklist with how to videos, case studies and downloadable worksheets.  New Business Power Up's are always being added too!



Attend live or catch the replay in our app or online anytime!


Follow along and share as you fill out the Weekly Momentum pages in your planner to expand your imagination, move into inspired action and disrupt your reality so that you can reboot and upgrade into the next week... every single week of the year! 


Group Zoom Sessions to help you unleash the full potential of your technology!  Learn new technology, get unstuck or dig deeper and leverage the technology you already own.  Also includes a library of technology solutions you can access anytime. Submit your technology questions using our custom app.  FREE FOR MEMBERS.


Building a business is impossible without writing copy.  Copy comes in the shape of articles, video scripts, presentations, 30 second pitches, about me, sales pages and social media posts. 

And the difference between writing copy...and writing great copy could dictate whether or not you make the sale.  Enjoy these quarterly virtual clinics to help you get started, fine tune or upgrade the copy for your business. FREE FOR MEMBERS.


Enjoy the MOMENTUM of working ON your business with a community of women in business.  During these dedicated days 30 minute accountability and clarity calls every 90 minutes keep focused and on track with your 1 THING as you move through your Virtual Get it Done Day!


Your 90 Day Power Plan focuses your energy into 1 THING for the next 90 days along with 10 projects to support it.  Use your 90 Day Power Plan as a possibility map to focus your vision on the big picture and then check in with it weekly to inspire your action in Weekly Momentum.  Join live zoom training's every 90 days to support you in designing and implementing your 90 Day Power Plan. FREE FOR MEMBERS.


Join Business Coach Marianne Emma Jeff for 1:1 laser coaching to help you move past challenges, get some MOMENTUM behind a project, get unstuck, upgrade your accountability or simply sit in and listen as Marianne coaches your fellow tribe members.  Each participant can sign up for a 5 minute coaching slot during these 90 minute virtual sessions.  First come first served.  FREE FOR MEMBERS.


Get in MOMENTUM with a community of women in business and learn how to grow your business with our 7 Figure Business Tool Kit, one inspired action at a time!

90 Day Membership



  • 1 X 90 Day Play Book

  • Ignite Your Life & Business Online Course 

  • 90 Day Power Planning Training

  • Weekly Momentum 

  • 7 Figure Business Tool Kit Workbook
  • Access to over 30 Business Power Up's! 
  • 1:1 Laser Coaching Office Hours 

  • Taming Technology 

  • Virtual Group Get it Done Days

  • "Right Now!" Dry Erase Inspiration Tool


12 Month Membership SAVE $$



  • 4 X 90 Day Play Books

  • Ignite Your Life & Business Online Course 

  • 90 Day Power Planning Training

  • Weekly Momentum

  • 7 Figure Business Tool Kit Workbook
  • Access to over 30 Business Power Up's!  

  • 1:1 Laser Coaching Office Hours 

  • Taming Technology 

  • Virtual Group Get it Done Days

  • "Right Now!" Dry Erase Inspiration Tool


  • Laminated 90 Day Power Plan Wall Chart  (11 X 17)
  • Laminated 90 Day Wall Planning Calendar & Marketing Calendar (11 X 17)
  • Meal Planning & Dream Schedule Dry Erase Tool




Includes everything in our 12 month membership package and...
  • VIP Day (3 hours via Zoom)
  • 2 Coaching Sessions (25 minutes each via Zoom)