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Spotlighting the 2018 Women's Business Momentum Center Members & Winners!

WBMC 2018 Winners

2018 Best WHY Winner Karen Kahler

Karen Kahler has shown up at Monthly Momentum religiously every month for over eight years. And every time she enters the room she brings magic. Her walk, her style, her energy exudes magic.  Like most of us her journey is not always bright and light yet even through difficulties she lights the room up with magic.  

Karen is an incredibly talented actress on the stage, screen, video games and through voice over.  She magically takes on different roles and brings them to life sharing a kaleidoscope of brawny, brave and bad ass women with us.

At The Women’s Business Momentum Center the first step of the journey of an entrepreneur is to create their One Page Business Plan. One of the main ingredients of this plan is to define your WHY or purpose in life. For many years Karen tinkered with hers often feeling like her career didn’t completely fit within the structure of the plan and struggling to define her WHY.  I encouraged her to think a little outside the box and kept pointing her back to the plan.

And then one day the magic happened.  I challenged the ladies in groups to complete the plan on a deadline and Karen rose the challenge.  Karen has used challenges again and again at The Women’s Business Momentum Center to truly get in momentum!  The Rejection Proof Challenge lead Karen to make some difficult choices in her life. The Content Creation Challenge invited her to put herself out there more and share the magic of her performances.  And the One Page Plan Challenge brought her purpose to life.

As I heard Karen’s WHY for the first time I felt the truth of it to my core.  Then to hear her share the journey of her WHY in her Brand Story illuminated how magic is there everyday to enjoy.  In our marriages, our work and also in play.

I am excited to honor Karen Kahler with the Best Why Award in 2018 for her WHY, to exchange magic.  May you find magic in your world in the everyday and the mystical just like Karen. And if you are ever feeling like you have lost the magic, I encourage you to seek out Karen Kahler to illuminate the magic for you again.  Ask her to exchange magic with you and invite you too to see the magic everywhere as you move through the world.


2018 Living a Legacy Award Winner Rebecca Townsend

Rebecca Townsend was an average teenage girl, having fun with friends, going to the movies and delighting in Jelly Bellies until one day on a ride to the mall with her dearest friends their car got into a fatal car crash.  Rebecca was rushed to the hospital and treated for a shattered pelvis and found out the next day that one of her girlfriends lost her life in the crash.

Recovery was much different in 1980.  With strict bed rest and then no physical therapy Rebecca had to crawl around the house learning to walk again.  Because of this tragic experience Rebecca is able to stand in the boots of many of her clients that she treats as an exceptional therapist with a mission to serve the military and their families.  

Rebecca has an insatiable hunger for learning and this drives her to take classes on new therapeutic techniques as well as learning the lingo of her military clients.  Rebecca shared with me once that it is impossible to help someone if we cannot understand them. Early on she felt lost listening to all the jargon and terminology that her clients used in their sessions with her and so went on a quest to decode it.

She didn’t stop there.  Rebecca went on to share this knowledge with other therapists and healing professionals so that they could understand their military clients better too.  Over the last decade or more Rebecca has lead training's and even created an online course to help better serve the men and women who serve and protect our country.  

Rebecca takes the challenges in her life and uses them to create a legacy of training's for those who come behind her.   In 2007, Rebecca founded SAFE: Soldiers and Families Embraced, a non-profit that offers free mental health services to Soldiers, Veterans and their loved ones. She honors the legacy of those who have fought for our freedom and liberty and she thinks big everyday to find ways to create even more of a legacy in her work.

It was a great honor to award Rebecca Townsend The Women’s Business Momentum Center award for Living a Legacy in 2018.  Rebecca your service is truly a legacy and I know you are barely getting started. I look forward to watching you create and honor legacy as you make great strides for all us in the world.

2018 Most Determinded DIVA Award Winner & Best Guiding Principle Award Winner Gemi Bertran

Gemi Betran Lant  has an insatiable appetite.  The word determined does not even begin to do justice to the tenacity, drive and hunger that lives within the small (but very strong) frame of this amazing woman.  While working through the process to adopt her daughter from Haiti in 2004 Gemi bonded through letters and pictures with Ili.  As the adoption day approached after 2 years, Gemi excitedly prepared to take the trip to Haiti.  Then the letter came!  War had broken out and she was told not to leave the country as she would put herself in danger.  That was not an option for Gemi.  Instead she took the flight, drove through snipers crouching down on the floor of the car and camped out at the embassy for 3 days with her daughter until the authorities were worn down by her determination  The consul was in Miami, no foreign citizens were allowed to be in Haiti at that time, so the consul had to fly from Miami to Port au Prince to sign and deliver me Ili’s passport for us to leave the country.

Gemi has jumped off the back of moving trains, overcome blinding illness and found the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship.  When she showed up at The Women’s Business Momentum Center a little over a year ago she brought her determination with her, now to the business world!

I am going to be honest here, The Women’s Business Momentum Center is not for the faint of heart.  My WHY is to challenge women to be Extra-Ordinary and the curriculum I have created is designed to accelerate their growth and show them exactly what and how to stand out in today’s growing world of business.  That requires hunger and determination and a passion for what you do.  You cannot be successful without balancing working in your business and on your business.  You have to demand time to think and vision as well as have the discipline to take consistent action.  All the ladies who decide to stick around at The WBMC are determined.

That makes the Most Determined Diva award that we hand out each year even more challenging to nominate.  Gemi in one year has shown her determination consistently.  It is this unwavering energy, action and discipline that makes her most deserving of the Most Determined Diva award in 2018.

Gemi has embraced challenge, asked questions relentlessly and followed the 7 Levels of Success Blueprint graduating first in each of the levels and accelerating the birth and growth of the business at the same time.  In one year she has gone from an employee to her successful business owner I cannot wait to see where her determination takes her from here.  

Watch out for WBMC Most Determined Diva 2018 Gemi Bertran Lant!

2018 Most Inspired DIVA Award Winner Danie Muniz

Danie Muniz is a bright light.  You can see her radiating with love, fun, and inspiration from miles away.  

When Danie joined The Women’s Business Momentum Center she dived right in, she was hungry for the systems, structure, and ideas we had to offer.  Hunger is a huge asset when you are building a business. Without it, everything feels heavy and hard work. And hunger is infectious to be around.  Danie brings light and energy to every retreat, workshop, and coaching call she shows up for. And she shows up a lot!

Danie is certainly determined, loves a challenge, and produces incredible tools and resources for her clients in her business BE aMEzing Consulting.  She loves a challenge and has quickly leveled up through the programs at The Women’s Business Momentum Center in record time. It is however her inspiration that is truly remarkable.  

As I looked at acknowledging some of The Women’s Business Momentum Center members for their contribution in 2018,  I was torn as to whether to recognize Danie first for her determination or inspiration. Which led me to really get curious about the distinction between these two qualities.   What I have concluded is that determination is more earthy and inspiration is more airy. When we are determined, we tend to DO things, we are laser focused and when we are inspired we tend to bring that inspiration into whatever we are doing, it is how we are BEING.  Both are necessary. We need to DO and to BE to succeed.

Danie, as you can see from the name of her company, has a powerful strength of BEING, she leads with inspiration.  When Danie leveled up from the Own Your Brand Program she shared her story in a powerful video (you can also find her story in my latest book Brand Me!).  In her story she showed up in truth and transparency that are the core ingredients of inspiration.

Danie brings this to everything she does.  Her spirit leads first in truth and that inspires us all.   Danie, you are truly a gift.

It is with great honor that I present the award for 2018 Most Inspired Diva to Danie Muniz.

Danie keep BEing you!  Inspiring yourself to BE and inspiring others to BE the gift in this world too.

2018 Most Vulnerable DIVA Award Winner Bonnie Frazier

Almost 10 years ago Bonnie and I met at a casino. Bonnie came to an event that I was putting on to help women in business and dove right into my program. Bonnie is the queen of what I call money making activities, following up!   She’s a people person and has built a successful real estate business by nurturing relationships. At one of The Women’s Business Momentum Centers Get it Done Retreats Bonnie can pick up the phone effortlessly going through her contacts connecting laughing and by the end of the weekend have more business then she created in the entire year so far.

Now you have to be vulnerable to be a people person to draw people in, to connect with them and to have meaningful conversation. However it was incredibly surprising to me when Bonnie went through The Women’s Business Momentum Center program Own Your Brand recently and was lovingly  forced to write her brand story. After weeks of resistance and procrastination when she finally came on a group coaching call and opened her mouth to read her story I was moved to tears along with everyone else in the group..

Even after knowing Bonnie for all of these years I truly had no idea of her story. It’s a nice reminder that as we move through the world so often we know so little about the people that we are around.

I firmly believe everybody has a story and Bonnie’s story of vulnerability and challenge that she has overcome and thrived in spite of is truly courageous.  Bonnie used her experience to drive her passion and her purpose so that she can make such a big impact on other people's lives too. It is such a joy to watch her empowering people to invest in their future just like she has.to be of service first, to have an attitude  of mutual respect, to under promise and over deliver and to always listen and have an open mind.

It is with incredible pleasure that I am honored to give Bonnie Frazier The Women’s Business Momentum Centers  award for Most Vulnerable Diva in 2018.

If you’re lucky perhaps one day she’ll tell you her story too and you can enjoy the connection that comes from courage truth and vulnerability.

2018 Most Appreciative DIVA Award Winner Nicola Borland

I bumped into Nicola Borland and her Dad at a South Pasadena Chamber Mixer.  We hit it off instantly, which is easy to do with Nicola. Nicola has a great sense of humor and an incredibly caring heart that is always looking out for the people around her.  It’s rare to find someone that stands out so powerfully as thoughtful and engaging and when you do you know you have found a gem. I called Nicola a few weeks later and asked her if I could buy her lunch, she said yes and by the end of the lunch she was a member of The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  That was almost a decade ago.

Talented and creative individuals are usually very aware of their surroundings and this allows them to show us life in art.  Nicola’s humor and caring, that I fell in love with, is possible because she notices everything and everyone around her. When you bring that talent and sensitivity to photography you create images that speak to our soul and that is exactly what Nicola does in her stunning photographs.  

Nicola’s appreciation for everything is off the charts!  Most people are appreciative, or say they are but it is people like Nicola who really show us how to be appreciative that I admire.  When shooting with new parents she appreciates nap time building appointments around it, appreciates that children are not always feeling like they want to smile and has a knack for catching your “cheeky monkey” at just the right moment.  

Nicola appreciates the details.  Waiting for the right lighting, noticing the background distractions and in editing even swapping heads from one image to another to get the perfect group shot.

Nicola appreciates community deeply.  As a transplant from Scotland Nicola quickly made lifelong friendships with many of The Women’s Business Momentum Center members.  She looks out for the other members and appreciates what they are struggling with being one of the first ones to offer up help.

Nicola appreciates The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  She openly thanks and appreciates both the coaching, the community and the classes that she has showed up for over the years.

It was an honor and delight to acknowledge Nicola’s deep sense of appreciation by presenting her with the Most Appreciative Diva Award in 2018.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nicola for raising the bar for us all.

2018 Most Masterful Manifestor Awards Winner Sarah Grear

Sarah Grear is a Power Babe!  And so it makes complete sense that I met her at a Power Babe mixer run by Julian Yang Chung in Alhambra, California.  Sarah has a gift for words, specifically for putting them together in a way that moves people. Although it took a leap of faith away from a day job to really give her talent the chance to shine.

Sarah has a passion for helping women in business and has been a valuable resources for many of the members of The Women’s Business Momentum Center over the last few years.  Sarah provides online courses, has published a book Unleash Your Voice: DIY Website Writing Guide For Entrepreneurs and is a go to copy writer on million dollar + launches.

It has been a privilege to have Sarah as a member of The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  She shows up ready to contribute, shares openly about challenges and successes and is a delight to coach as she throws fun ideas out into the conversation for us to play with.

In 2018 Sarah won The Women’s Business Momentum Centers award for Most Masterful Manifestor.  Sarah used her positive mindset, big vision and determination to launch her career further than it had gone before working with many of her idols in the marketing and personal development industry.  She even manifested a car!

Sarah shows us that mindset is a critical piece of the puzzle of success, she is a woman with a big heart who walks her talk and shows up in the world with love and a whole ton of talent.  Look out for what Sarah Grear will bring to the table in the next year. I personally cannot wait to see what she manifests next. Keep dreaming BIG Sarah, and manifesting like the master you are.

2018 Most Explosive Growth Award Winner Jackie Green (The Green Flash)

Jackie Green (The Green Flash) won her way into the the heart of The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  On a webinar in 2015, Jackie Green showed up to learn the stories of challenge and victory that a handful of The Women’s Business Momentum Center women were sharing.   She left the 90 minute webinar with respect and admiration for the ladies and claimed the top prize of a luxury, all inclusive, three day retreat!

Jackie is a PHD scientist with a passion and gift for business.  I love that we have a rocket scientist at The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  Jackie brings a powerful knowledge of systems and procedures and a no holds barred approach to action and “getting it done”.  In 2017 Jackie retired from a 27 year career at JPL and without missing a beat stepped right into running a 6 Figure + business!  

Who does that!!!  The Green Flash does!  Green represents her passion for the environment, her love affair with the stars, her ability to manifest money and of course her incredible growth.

Jackie is one of the most dedicated (and highly qualified)  students of The WBMC. She shows up and does the work, checking off the items on the WBMC checklists and leveling up once every 90 days.  She is a powerful example of growth, action and results. One of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves sometimes is to BE the student, there is always so much more for us to learn, no matter who we are.

Over the last four years Jackie has been a beautiful contribution to The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  Her generosity of spirit and deeply caring heart is a wonderful reminder that you do not have to sell your soul to be a successful woman in business.  Jackie will be the first one to text me words of gratitude after a retreat and I’m always one of the first to know of her wins. She celebrates and lives every second with her Women’s Business Momentum Center Tribe.

It is with great pleasure that we spotlight Dr. Jackie Green as the WBMC 2018 Recipient of the Most Explosive Growth Award.

2018 Best BHAV Award Winner Liz Jinzo

Liz Jinzo showed up at The Women’s Business Momentum Center over eight years ago with her infectious laugh and smile that warmed up the room instantly.  Every member has a story, It’s a big piece of what brings the membership together.  Everyone has fallen down, they are human.   Being superhuman is to get back up.  Often again and again and again!  

Liz Jinzo took her story and is turning it into a legacy, a BIG Hairy Audacious Vision or as we like to refer to it at the WBMC, a BHAV.  Liz’s daughter was born developmentally disabled and wasn’t expected to live, never mind live a “normal” life.  When Desirae, Liz’s daughter, proved everyone wrong and turned five, it was time for her to go to school.  Against the advice of everyone Liz choose to send her daughter to “regular” school.  Somehow she knew in her gut that integrating, not segregating her, would give her more independence and possibility in her life.  

Liz had to fight to integrate Desirae, over and over again.  In school, in communities, in work and even in setting her up in her own apartment.  The ultimate expression of independence.  

Desiree is now 26 and Liz’s vision of integration for everyone, has birthed a non-profit DESI, founded in 2008.  Through DESI Liz now brings her vision of integration to a bigger audience.  So far serving over 100 families.  The ripples she creates changing one life at a time is a beautiful example of how one person can make a powerful impact on the world.  

In 2018 it is an honor to be able to present and spotlight WBMC Member Liz Jinzo as the recipient of The Best BHAV award at The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  She has already done a lifetime of legacy work and the good news is, she is just getting started!  Watch out Liz Jinzo is her to be BIG Hairy Audacious and Visionary beyond her lifetime.

Best BHAV 2018:   Integrate NOT alienate people with disabilities



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