2 simple (but powerful) exercises to step powerfully out of 2020 and into 2021

As the world is a buzz with resolutions, goals and possibilities for 2021 I encourage you to indulge in one or both of these simple (but powerful) exercises to create incredible MOMENTUM for yourself.  Both exercises will empower you to step intentionally into 2021.

1. Write a Letter 

This exercise is from the 2021 Strong Start Program.

Write a letter to yourself, acknowledging yourself as a heroine, making it through this last year Address it to yourself and use your name, make it simple and don't shy away away from writing in the letter some of the things that maybe haven't gone that well,

Write the letter like you're writing it to a really, really dear friend acknowledging everything that you have been through this last year. And here's what I think would be really fun to do. After you really pour your heart and soul into it either on New year's Eve or New Year's day I want you to read it aloud to yourself and then burn it and let go of 2020.  Release yourself, let go, acknowledge how awesome you are and move forward into the possibility of the New Year!

2. 10 things you have been up to...

When someone asks you what have you been up to this year I want you to blow them away with your response.  Instead of like most people saying a short, general answer, I invite you to SHINE!  No matter what this year brought, I am sure you can dig deep and find 10 gems.  So, to wrap up this year I want you to list out your favorite accomplishments from this last year and then narrow it down to your top 10.  Just doing this exercise will make you feel phenomenal.  And for bonus points share your moments with a friend, work colleague or family member and ask them about their year too.


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Yours Truly,

Marianne Emma Jeff

CEO & Founder of The Women's Business Momentum Center

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