2018 Best Why Winner Karen Kahler

Karen Kahler has shown up at Monthly Momentum religiously every month for over eight years.  And every time she enters the room she brings magic. Her walk, her style, her energy exudes magic.  Like most of us her journey is not always bright and light yet even through difficulties she lights the room up with magic.  

Karen is an incredibly talented actress on the stage, screen, video games and through voice over.  She magically takes on different roles and brings them to life sharing a kaleidoscope of brawny, brave and bad ass women with us.

At The Women’s Business Momentum Center the first step of the journey of an entrepreneur is to create their One Page Business Plan. One of the main ingredients of this plan is to define your WHY or purpose in life. For many years Karen tinkered with hers often feeling like her career didn’t completely fit within the structure of the plan and struggling to define her WHY.  I encouraged her to think a little outside the box and kept pointing her back to the plan.

And then one day the magic happened.  I challenged the ladies in groups to complete the plan on a deadline and Karen rose the challenge.  Karen has used challenges again and again at The Women’s Business Momentum Center to truly get in momentum!  The Rejection Proof Challenge lead Karen to make some difficult choices in her life. The Content Creation Challenge invited her to put herself out there more and share the magic of her performances.  And the One Page Plan Challenge brought her purpose to life.

As I heard Karen’s WHY for the first time I felt the truth of it to my core.  Then to hear her share the journey of her WHY in her Brand Story illuminated how magic is there everyday to enjoy.  In our marriages, our work and also in play.

I am excited to honor Karen Kahler with the Best Why Award in 2018 for her WHY, to exchange magic.  May you find magic in your world in the everyday and the mystical just like Karen. And if you are ever feeling like you have lost the magic, I encourage you to seek out Karen Kahler to illuminate the magic for you again.  Ask her to exchange magic with you and invite you too to see the magic everywhere as you move through the world.

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