2018 Living a Legacy Award Winner Rebecca Townsend

Rebecca Townsend was an average teenage girl, having fun with friends, going to the movies and delighting in Jelly Bellies until one day on a ride to the mall with her dearest friends their car got into a fatal car crash.  Rebecca was rushed to the hospital and treated for a shattered pelvis and found out the next day that one of her girlfriends lost her life in the crash.

Recovery was much different in 1980.  With strict bed rest and then no physical therapy Rebecca had to crawl around the house learning to walk again.  Because of this tragic experience Rebecca is able to stand in the boots of many of her clients that she treats as an exceptional therapist with a mission to serve the military and their families.  

Rebecca has an insatiable hunger for learning and this drives her to take classes on new therapeutic techniques as well as learning the lingo of her military clients.  Rebecca shared with me once that it is impossible to help someone if we cannot understand them. Early on she felt lost listening to all the jargon and terminology that her clients used in their sessions with her and so went on a quest to decode it.

She didn’t stop there.  Rebecca went on to share this knowledge with other therapists and healing professionals so that they could understand their military clients better too.  Over the last decade or more Rebecca has lead training's and even created an online course to help better serve the men and women who serve and protect our country.  

Rebecca takes the challenges in her life and uses them to create a legacy of training's for those who come behind her.   In 2007, Rebecca founded SAFE: Soldiers and Families Embraced, a non-profit that offers free mental health services to Soldiers, Veterans and their loved ones. She honors the legacy of those who have fought for our freedom and liberty and she thinks big everyday to find ways to create even more of a legacy in her work.

It was a great honor to award Rebecca Townsend The Women’s Business Momentum Center award for Living a Legacy in 2018.  Rebecca your service is truly a legacy and I know you are barely getting started. I look forward to watching you create and honor legacy as you make great strides for all us in the world.

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