2018 Most Masterful Manifestor Sarah Grear

Sarah Grear is a Power Babe!  And so it makes complete sense that I met her at a Power Babe mixer run by Julian Yang Chung in Alhambra, California.  Sarah has a gift for words, specifically for putting them together in a way that moves people. Although it took a leap of faith away from a day job to really give her talent the chance to shine.

Sarah has a passion for helping women in business and has been a valuable resources for many of the members of The Women’s Business Momentum Center over the last few years.  Sarah provides online courses, has published a book Unleash Your Voice: DIY Website Writing Guide For Entrepreneurs and is a go to copy writer on million dollar + launches.

It has been a privilege to have Sarah as a member of The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  She shows up ready to contribute, shares openly about challenges and successes and is a delight to coach as she throws fun ideas out into the conversation for us to play with.

In 2018 Sarah won The Women’s Business Momentum Centers award for Most Masterful Manifestor.  Sarah used her positive mindset, big vision and determination to launch her career further than it had gone before working with many of her idols in the marketing and personal development industry.  She even manifested a car!

Sarah shows us that mindset is a critical piece of the puzzle of success, she is a woman with a big heart who walks her talk and shows up in the world with love and a whole ton of talent.  Look out for what Sarah Grear will bring to the table in the next year. I personally cannot wait to see what she manifests next. Keep dreaming BIG Sarah, and manifesting like the master you are.

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