Are You, Like Me, Always Looking for the Upgrade?

I knew it was coming so when my Dr informed me I was of a certain age, and it was time for a Colonoscopy, I was not surprised.  

Then she unexpectedly laid out 3 choices for me.

Option 1: The BIG scary Colonoscopy

Option 2: So unimportant... I forgot it, lol

Option 3: The poop test!

Without missing a beat she let me know her recommendation was #3.  I laughed, well of course, if you put it like that. It was a no-brainer, right?

Now I know you might be wondering where I am going with this, but stay with me, it will all make sense in a moment.

So, off I went on the easy path.  Nothing to do but wait for my special "poop kit" to arrive in the mail.  Easy, pain-free, not at all scary.... such an obvious choice I kept telling myself and anyone who would listen.  

Fast forward to a few weeks later when I received "the phone call" you know the type of call you don't want to receive.  "The Dr would like to speak to you about your recent test results".  

My Dr assured me it was probably just a polyp and it would be an easy procedure and off I went shopping for the thing I had been avoiding.... a colonoscopy.  

Once booked I had several anxious weeks of wondering and then the fear of the procedure itself.  Suddenly the "poop test" didn't seem like the easy choice anymore!

And yet.... the thing I was so afraid of....ended up being no big deal.  The medical professionals took incredible care of me, and honestly, it wasn't painful or uncomfortable at all.  I came around so happy, relieved, and polyp-free.

Are you like me always looking for the upgrade?  

Every week I ask myself a series of questions to help me upgrade from one week to the next.  Last week, when I did this one of my already favorite questions, blew me away!

"If you could have a do-over, how, when and what could you choose differently from last week?"

That's when the upgrade showed up!  Duh, I would have gone straight for the colonoscopy and eliminated all the stress.  That would have been my do-over.

I realized the laughably, easy choice isn't always the right choice for me.  I learnt that the big scary choices are not always as scary as they first appear.  And I saw how powerful the do-over question is in shaping the choices I will make in the future.

Every week is an opportunity to upgrade, to look at what worked, what didn't and why in your business and in your life.  Being an entrepreneur is full of choices and many of them feel big and scary when you are going it alone.

Weekly reflection is a powerful way to navigate through the choice points in our business and to explore every path.  You don't have to make the "right" choice to grow.  In fact I find the learning sticks better when it comes out of the weekly pondering of what I could have done differently, not on the choices I actually made in the moment.

If you would like to "ponder" weekly :)

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