July 2018 Member Spotlight - Hazel Ortega

As the group sprang into conversation prompted by a question I had invited them to explore, Hazel’s eyes danced around the room getting wider and wider.  She sat so quietly, I kept checking on her out of the corner of my eye to make sure she was alright. It was her first time meeting with the group. The dialogue within the room became more vibrant as I moved it gently like a conductor.  Each question unleashed new ideas, illuminated hidden beliefs, and explored solutions and most of the ladies were hungry for this! As I moved my full attention to Hazel, there was a pause. Then Hazel asked with confusion, "How long have you all been meeting?"  "Just once," I replied, and right then I knew she realized, The Women’s Business Momentum Center was something special.

For almost a decade now, Hazel has unleashed her hunger and passion at The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  She has been the first to speak up when she discovers something that has been blocking or holding her back, unafraid of being vulnerable, and in doing so has inspired hundreds of other ladies at The Women’s Business Momentum Center to follow suit.  Over the years she has broken through ceiling after ceiling from public speaking, millionaire mindset, time empowerment, and her own personal hidden agendas that she has delighted in uncovering so that nothing can hold her back from massive success, joy, and philanthropy in her life.

When simply the idea of public speaking made her unable to stand up (because she was so weak at the knees) she looked to The Women’s Business Momentum Center for support, resources, and coaching and within a year she had spoken almost every week at a different location, including speaking up for the rights of injured workers in Sacramento.  Now she is a sought after speaker who is comfortable both on stage and on camera.

Hazel’s desire to create change drove her to launch a non-profit for Injured Workers – Angels for Injured Workers, where she is able to give continued support to injured workers, including clients of her company, Ortega Counseling Center.  Over the last decade, Hazel has launched multiple successful companies and gone from one employee with one small office to multiple business, multiple locations, and almost 50 employees.

Hazel will tell you it was not all smooth sailing.  Success is truly a journey, however, every single time that she has hit a challenge, Hazel has stepped into it and up leveled her game!  Hazel continues again and again to demand more of herself and in return continues to receive more. She truly treats every challenge as a gift, an opportunity to upgrade herself in new ways.                                            

It has been my absolute honor to be Hazel’s business coach over the last decade.  VIP Day, after VIP Day she has shown up with Million Dollar Ideas and then we have laid them on the table, strategized and carefully chosen which ones to implement.  Hazel’s ability to hold onto so many ideas and attention to details are two of the traits that make her remarkable at anything she does.

This year Hazel realized a dream of becoming a #1 Best Selling Author!  Her tribute to truth, growth and miracles outlines her personal journey in vivid and vulnerable detail.  From Bounced Checks to Private Jets: The Mastery of Miracles is a book you will not be able to put down once you begin.  Once again I am honored that I got to be a part of this project and to midwife her beautiful truths so that she can shine her light even brighter in the world.  

Successful people show up!  They show up for life and they are also the ones who continue to show up at The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  They know that there is always more to learn, new ways to implemented old ideas, and inspiration to found from gathering with other women in business.  Which is why Hazel has continued to “show up” at The Women’s Business Momentum Center to that very same meeting, Monthly Momentum, for almost a decade.

The Women’s Business Momentum Center acknowledges Hazel Ortega as a women to watch, a powerhouse of change, and a beautiful human being on a mission to make the world a better place, one miracle at a time.

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