July 2018 Power Tool #39: 90 Day Power Plan

Just a year after I began coaching, I saw the need for a simple tracking tool to use with my clients and the WBMC 90 Day Power Plan was born.  

Without a plan all you have is a Million Dollar Idea. A 90 Day Plan gives you the space to outline your ideas, choose between different options, and even deduce if something is a viable business model.  

Over the last decade The Women’s Business Momentum Centers 90 Day Power Plan has been upgraded to include an emphasis on profitability by introducing the Winning Strategy area to define your 6, 7, or 8 figure Winning Strategy.  It has been expanded to include next actions and directives and it has powered up millions of dollars worth of revenue for our members!

90 days is just enough time to feel like we can create something while still seeing it as attainable.  Your 90 Day Power Plan is the single most potent way you can get into Eagle Vision and use it to power yourself forward.  

Your 90 Day Power Plan is the blueprint for you success and a key driver in your business.

Here are some ideas to get you started with your 90 Day Power Plan:

  • Different themes and lessons show up regularly in our lives.  Defining a theme for this quarter on your 90 Day Power Plan is a great way to honor and engage in these lessons.  
  • What is the theme or lesson of the chapter of life you are in right now?
  • How are the projects you are working on moving you towards your One Thing for this quarter?
  • Are you choosing to look at your 90 Day Power Plan?  How can you choose to use your 90 Day Power Plan to influence more of your actions today?

As a member of The Women’s Business Momentum Center you will receive training, support, and inspiration to help you create, and even more importantly, use your 90 Day Power Plan to drive you towards success.  Click here to find out how to Join The Women’s Business Momentum Center TODAY!

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