Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #6 Shared Values

High Performance Trait #6: Shared Values
At the WBMC one of the first things that members do is define their Power Words.

These 10 Words are the shortcut to your core being. Knowing WHO you are means that you will BE that person more often. And guess what... your Tribe (who most likely shares the same values) will just naturally show up!

High Performers stand firmly in truth, authenticity and confidence that comes from plugging into WHO they are more than the AVERAGE person.

When you plug in it feels delicious! I wish I could say that I AM plugged in every minute of every day, however I think that when you get to that point you have reached a level of enlightenment. In fact without getting too spiritual here, I believe that plugging in to WHO you are and staying there, is the meaning and purpose of life.

That is exactly why as I work with the members to create a Strong Start through the One Page Blueprint of their business I begin by focusing on more of WHO they are than anything else.

Many ladies come to me who are confident and social in their personal lives however when it comes to business they become more shy and withdrawn.

When we step back, withdraw or feel less than we are NOT Plugged In!

Having a business places a great responsibility and weight on our shoulders and thus makes it even harder to take off the masks, stop being someone else and really plug in to WHO we are.

Each week in Weekly Momentum I invite the members to acknowledge moments during the last week when they plugged in, felt satisfied and expressed WHO they are.

Awareness is the doorway to choice and change and through this awareness the ladies are able to stand stronger in WHO they are and their Power Words.

The Power of Shared Values:

  • When you know WHO you and your business are, you can communicate it clearly and with that comes confidence .
  • Guiding Principles become the Power Words of your business and you can share them to put your values into action in HOW you show up for your business.
  • The more you plug in the easier it is for your Tribe to find you. Just like a lighthouse you must turn on your light.  Knowing and turning on the WHO behind your business allows you to shine.
  • You get to STOP trying to be someone else in business and you get to be YOU - and that frees up a whole lot of energy!
  • The people who are not a good match will drop away, which is a good thing!

Do You Know Your Power Words?

It's time to Power UP and plug in more to WHO you are so that you can ignite your High Performer. Power Words are a fantastic way to begin to explore WHO you and your business are so that you can express more of that in your copy, communication and brand. Start out by identifying ONE word that really resonates and reflects WHO you are, not who you want to be!

If you want to Power Up with all 10 Power Words pick up a copy of my #1 Amazon Best Selling Book, The Get it Done Diva's Guide to Business.

Power Question:

How can you bring your ONE Power Word into your business even more today? This may mean shift your to-do's, goals or agenda however it may also simply mean shifting HOW you show up to your current agenda.

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