Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #7 Shared Goals

High Performance Trait #7: Shared Goals

A highlight moment for me, when I reached  #1 on Amazon was surpassing the classic .Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This classic book has been a go to for entrepreneurs for decades and the information is still very, very relevant today and so I was honored to be sitting next to this book on the Amazon shelf.  It felt even sweeter that for a while, I was #1 and Napoleon Hill was #2!

Most people miss one of the main messages and keys to success within this book. I know so because I ask people all the time what their big take away is from the book and once I tell them mine, most of the time they don't remember that in the book at all.

What is your Definite Chief Aim?

That is the question, Hill, asks very close to the beginning of the book. Hill brings this up because he had observed in the movers and shakers of his time that they all knew this both about themselves AND the fellow minds in their group.

A Definite Chief Aim is, in my mind very similar to knowing your BIG ONE Thing. A clear, specific and BIG goal you are going after. I also feel knowing your business WHY is a key component to understand and communicating your Definite Chief Aim.

Having shared goals makes it so much easier for people to work with you towards success. And this is a critical piece of a Master Mind (joining together with others to create a shared space to brainstorm) which is why I support every member of The WBMC to work towards defining their WHY and vision of their business, as soon as they join.

Why is this so important?

Let's be honest, how many times have you wanted to help someone and just not been able to understand HOW! So often business owners fall into the trap of being vague, too broad and honestly trying to be everything to everyone with their goals. Successful business is birthed out of think tanks, communities and master minds where you are given a leg up.  These tight groups rise up together.  But if you cannot clearly recognize and communicate what you are working towards and how someone could help you then it is very difficult to get a leg up.  Instead you find yourself going it alone.

What is a Definite Chief Aim?

  • An economical car for the average person
  • A dollar razor

These are specific goals that are easy to hold in mind and move towards.

  • WHO have you shared your Definite Chief Aim with?
  • WHO is holding the space for you, looking out for resources and helping you move towards success?

Power Question:

What is the ONE THING (big goal that is perhaps 5 - 20 years out) that you are driven and connected to? Take some time today to create the vision of your Definite Chief Aim and find one person to help you get clearer on how to communicate it by talking it out loud with them.


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