Member Spotlight Bonnie Frazier

Almost 10 years ago Bonnie and I met at a casino. Bonnie came to an event that I was putting on to help women in business and dove right into my program. Bonnie is the queen of what I call money making activities, following up!   She’s a people person and has built a successful real estate business by nurturing relationships. At one of The Women’s Business Momentum Center's Get it Done Retreats, Bonnie can pick up the phone effortlessly going through her contacts connecting, laughing, and by the end of the weekend have more business than she created in the entire year so far.

Now you have to be vulnerable to be a people person to draw people in, to connect with them and to have meaningful conversation. However, it was incredibly surprising to me when Bonnie went through The Women’s Business Momentum Center program Own Your Brand recently and was lovingly forced to write her brand story. After weeks of resistance and procrastination, when she finally came on a group coaching call and opened her mouth to read her story, I was moved to tears along with everyone else in the group.

Even after knowing Bonnie for all of these years I truly had no idea of her story. It’s a nice reminder that as we move through the world so often we know so little about the people that we are around.

I firmly believe everybody has a story and Bonnie’s story of vulnerability and challenge that she has overcome and thrived in spite of is truly courageous.  Bonnie used her experience to drive her passion and her purpose so that she can make such a big impact on other people's lives too. It is such a joy to watch her empowering people to invest in their future just like she has. To be of service first, to have an attitude of mutual respect, to under promise and over deliver, and to always listen and have an open mind.

It is with incredible pleasure that I am honored to give Bonnie Frazier The Women’s Business Momentum Center's award for Most Vulnerable Diva in 2018.

If you’re lucky perhaps one day she’ll tell you her story too, and you can enjoy the connection that comes from courage, truth, and vulnerability.


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