Member Spotlight - Danie Muniz

Danie Muniz is a bright light.  You can see her radiating with love, fun, and inspiration from miles away.  

When Danie joined The Women’s Business Momentum Center she dived right in, she was hungry for the systems, structure, and ideas we had to offer.  Hunger is a huge asset when you are building a business. Without it, everything feels heavy and hard work. And hunger is infectious to be around.  Danie brings light and energy to every retreat, workshop, and coaching call she shows up for. And she shows up a lot!

Danie is certainly determined, loves a challenge, and produces incredible tools and resources for her clients in her business BE aMEzing Consulting.  She loves a challenge and has quickly leveled up through the programs at The Women’s Business Momentum Center in record time. It is however her inspiration that is truly remarkable.  

As I looked at acknowledging some of The Women’s Business Momentum Center members for their contribution in 2018,  I was torn as to whether to recognize Danie first for her determination or inspiration. Which led me to really get curious about the distinction between these two qualities.   What I have concluded is that determination is more earthy and inspiration is more airy. When we are determined, we tend to DO things, we are laser focused and when we are inspired we tend to bring that inspiration into whatever we are doing, it is how we are BEING.  Both are necessary. We need to DO and to BE to succeed.

Danie, as you can see from the name of her company, has a powerful strength of BEING, she leads with inspiration.  When Danie leveled up from the Own Your Brand Program she shared her story in a powerful video (you can also find her story in my latest book Brand Me!).  In her story she showed up in truth and transparency that are the core ingredients of inspiration.

Danie brings this to everything she does.  Her spirit leads first in truth and that inspires us all.   Danie, you are truly a gift.

It is with great honor that I present the award for 2018 Most Inspired Diva to Danie Muniz.

Danie keep BEing you!  Inspiring yourself to BE and inspiring others to BE the gift in this world too.

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