Member Spotlight: Gemi Bertran Lant

Gemi Bertran Lant has an insatiable appetite.  The word determined does not even begin to do justice to the tenacity, drive, and hunger that lives within the small (but very strong) frame of this amazing woman.  While working through the process to adopt her daughter from Haiti in 2004, Gemi bonded through letters and pictures with Ili.  As the adoption day approached after 2 years, Gemi excitedly prepared to take the trip to Haiti.  Then the letter came!  War had broken out and she was told not to leave the country as she would put herself in danger.  That was not an option for Gemi.  Instead she took the flight, drove through snipers crouching down on the floor of the car, and camped out at the embassy for 3 days with her daughter until the authorities were worn down by her determination  The consul was in Miami, no foreign citizens were allowed to be in Haiti at that time, so the consul had to fly from Miami to Port Au Prince to sign and deliver Ili’s passport for them to leave the country.

Gemi has jumped off the back of moving trains, overcome blinding illness,

and found the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship.  When she showed up at The Women’s Business Momentum Center a little over a year ago she brought her determination with her, now to the business world!

I am going to be honest here, The Women’s Business Momentum Center is not for the faint of heart.  My WHY is to challenge women to be Extra-Ordinary and the curriculum I have created is designed to accelerate their growth and show them exactly what and how to stand out in today’s growing world of business.  That requires hunger and determination and a passion for what you do.  You cannot be successful without balancing working in your business and on your business.  You have to demand time to think and vision as well as have the discipline to take consistent action.  All the ladies who decide to stick around at The WBMC are determined.

That makes the Most Determined Diva award that we hand out each year even more challenging to nominate. Gemi in one year has shown her determination consistently.  It is this unwavering energy, action, and discipline that makes her most deserving of the Most Determined Diva award in 2018.

Gemi has embraced challenge, asked questions relentlessly, and followed the 7 Levels of Success Blueprint graduating first in each of the levels and accelerating the birth and growth of the business at the same time.  In one year she has gone from an employee to her successful business owner. I cannot wait to see where her determination takes her from here. 

Watch out for WBMC Most Determined Diva 2018 Gemi Bertran Lant!



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