Member Spotlight: Jackie Green

Jackie Green (The Green Flash) won her way into the heart of The Women’s Business Momentum Center. On a webinar in 2015, Jackie Green showed up to learn the stories of challenge and victory that a handful of The Women’s Business Momentum Center women were sharing. She left the 90-minute webinar with respect and admiration for the ladies and claimed the top prize of a luxury, all-inclusive, three-day retreat!

Jackie is a Ph.D. scientist with a passion and gift for business. I love that we have a rocket scientist at The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  Jackie brings a powerful knowledge of systems and procedures and a no holds barred approach to action and “getting it done.”  In 2017, Jackie retired from a 27-year career at JPL and without missing a beat stepped right into running a 6 Figure + business!  

Who does that!!!  The Green Flash does! Green represents her passion for the environment, her love affair with the stars, her ability to manifest money, and of course her incredible growth.

Jackie is one of the most dedicated (and highly qualified)  students of The WBMC. She shows up and does the work, checking off the items on the WBMC checklists, and leveling up once every 90 days.  She is a powerful example of growth, action, and results. One of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves sometimes is to BE the student, there is always so much more for us to learn, no matter who we are.

Over the last four years, Jackie has been a beautiful contribution to The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  Her generosity of spirit and deeply caring heart is a wonderful reminder that you do not have to sell your soul to be a successful woman in business.  Jackie will be the first one to text me words of gratitude after a retreat and I’m always one of the first to know of her wins. She celebrates and lives every second with her Women’s Business Momentum Center Tribe.

It is with great pleasure that we spotlight Dr. Jackie Green as the WBMC 2018 Recipient of the Most Explosive Growth Award.


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