Nicola Borland Most Appreciative DIVA 2018

I bumped into Nicola Borland and her Dad at a South Pasadena Chamber Mixer.  We hit it off instantly, which is easy to do with Nicola. Nicola has a great sense of humor and an incredibly caring heart that is always looking out for the people around her.  It’s rare to find someone that stands out so powerfully as thoughtful and engaging and when you do you know you have found a gem. I called Nicola a few weeks later and asked her if I could buy her lunch, she said yes and by the end of the lunch she was a member of The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  That was almost a decade ago.

Talented and creative individuals are usually very aware of their surroundings and this allows them to show us life in art.  Nicola’s humor and caring, that I fell in love with, is possible because she notices everything and everyone around her. When you bring that talent and sensitivity to photography you create images that speak to our soul and that is exactly what Nicola does in her stunning photographs.  

Nicola’s appreciation for everything is off the charts!  Most people are appreciative, or say they are but it is people like Nicola who really show us how to be appreciative that I admire.  When shooting with new parents she appreciates nap time building appointments around it, appreciates that children are not always feeling like they want to smile and has a knack for catching your “cheeky monkey” at just the right moment.  

Nicola appreciates the details.  Waiting for the right lighting, noticing the background distractions and in editing even swapping heads from one image to another to get the perfect group shot.

Nicola appreciates community deeply.  As a transplant from Scotland Nicola quickly made lifelong friendships with many of The Women’s Business Momentum Center members.  She looks out for the other members and appreciates what they are struggling with being one of the first ones to offer up help.

Nicola appreciates The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  She openly thanks and appreciates both the coaching, the community and the classes that she has showed up for over the years.

It was an honor and delight to acknowledge Nicola’s deep sense of appreciation by presenting her with the Most Appreciative Diva Award in 2018.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nicola for raising the bar for us all.

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