Playing "how little" instead of "how much"

Over the last week I have been in the thick of 90 Day Power Planning with members and clients. In the midst of all this doing-ness it has been really fun for me to play the game of "how little" and so I thought I would shoot a quick email out so you could play too!
It's really quite simple.
As you gather your projects, goals and to-do's together instead of operating from "how much" can I DO/DELIVER/CREATE/FOCUS ON...
 - what if you operate from "how little".
"Won't that make me lazy and unproductive?", "Won't that slow down my results?" You might ask.
From my experience no. When I under-promise I tend to get an incredible rush of energy and usually end up raising the standards of the 1 THING I am putting my energy into OR getting even more done, not less!

Here are 2 ways to PLAY "how little" as we wrap up this year, to create MORE:

  1. 8 HOURS OR LESS: Create a 90 Day Power Plan that includes 1 THING to focus on and a list of projects that will move you towards your 1 THING underneath. Now, here is the trick.... each project can only take 8 hours or less. This will transform how you think about this project creating more efficiency as you play with fitting it in (or streamline it) to fit the constraints of 8 hours or less.
  2. SHRINK YOUR TO-DO LIST: Each week I create a Weekly To-Do List and it's fun to imagine what I can get done. However when I started PLAYING "how little" can I get on my list, not only did I feel better, but I also unleashed a lot more energy, productivity and passion.
Why does this work? Because when we have more time-space and energy-space we unlock our creativity. Cramming more in does the opposite.
Don't take my word for it. Play with the idea yourself this week and feel free to reply with any questions or comments.
If you enjoy my perspective and want more find out more about my plan-driven approach to business and how to get started coaching with me to create more breakthroughs and growth in your business schedule a Business Breakthrough Session with me by clicking here.
See you in MOMENTUM!
Yours Truly,
Marianne Emma Jeff

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