What would Dory do?



A big part of building a business is feeling into what is the right/next direction to move into.  I absolutely love that the Disney movie Finding Dory is all about this.

What would Dory do, the message we hear resounding in the Finding Dory movie points to Dory's unconscious way of navigating successfully in her world.

Dory's way of being involves two simple steps:

  1. She looks around and notices her choices.  "Kelp, open sea"
  2. She feels into what feels best to her in that moment and follows her intuition.  "I like kelp."

Most of you are familiar with this way of showing up in your world and are already using it successfully.

It works beautifully in business. You can do a mind map to discover all the choices or possibilities and then you can use your intuition to point you one way or another.

What I want to remind us all of today though is that, that is not the end of the conversation.

Dory swam and followed her intuition, however, she did not doubt herself.  She was confident in her choices and unattached once you made them.  Each choice was simply a one step in the journey and once she had made it she went right onto the next one.  No looking back!

We may use our intuition to

  • decide on new pricing
  • outline a new business model
  • to define who you most enjoy working with

Then after we see the choices laid before us, we will have an inner dialogue something along the lines of, "This feels great, I love this... I'm not sure about this.... what do you think>?"  If you are like me, yes you talk to yourself, lol.

How you respond to this dialogue is critical.

In fact the way you respond to the choices you make, shapes your outcome or results MORE than the choice you originally made!  

It's normal to doubt ourselves a little.  In fact, this is how we get more confident in our choices.   However, if while we are in this fragile state of doubt we expose ourselves to an influence that pushes us towards its point of view rather than encouraging us to get more curious and find our own answers then we can end up taking a wrong turn.  Who you are around and what you are around is a BIG influence.

You can and should seek out community, guidance and support to help you figure things out, but also give your intuition weight in your decision making process.

Keep in mind that when you ask advice from someone else they cannot help but have their own agenda.  If you instead approach the choice points in your business from a coach approach you will be able to hold onto your intuition and minimize the affect of other peoples agenda's on your decisions.  Instead of advice look for people who give you the space to figure things out yourself. 

A coach empowers you to tap into your intuition by using the coaching sessions to invite you to think out loud and try on for size different possibilities noticing how you feel each option may pan out.  You can do the same thing yourself by asking questions instead of looking for answers.


As we move through the year, there are different cycles of productivity.  

  • Sometimes we plant seeds, sometimes nurture, and then, of course, there is the time to harvest.  
  • As you move from season to season in your business I encourage you to use questions as the energy source to drive you forward.  
  • Know that the doubt and perhaps uncertainty you may feel might be GROWTH!  
  • Uncomfortableness is the #1 sign of GROWTH and as you build your business. You will move in and out of it frequently.

If you would like to nurture your uncomforableness and ignite curiosity, a great tool to support you and hold the space for this is The Women's Business Momentum Center.  Our tools, weekly Zoom meetings and training's are all developed with a coach approach in mind.  The WBMC is a great place to tune into your intuition and also enjoy business building tools that you can pick and choose from to build your business tool box!


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