WBMC Member Spotlight: Liz Jinzo

Liz Jinzo showed up at The Women’s Business Momentum Center over eight years ago with her infectious laugh and smile that warmed up the room instantly.  Every member has a story, It’s a big piece of what brings the membership together.  Everyone has fallen down, they are human.   Being superhuman is to get back up.  Often again and again and again!  

Liz Jinzo took her story and is turning it into a legacy, a BIG Hairy Audacious Vision or as we like to refer to it at the WBMC, a BHAV.  Liz’s daughter was born developmentally disabled and wasn’t expected to live, never mind live a “normal” life.  When Desirae, Liz’s daughter, proved everyone wrong and turned five, it was time for her to go to school.  Against the advice of everyone, Liz chose to send her daughter to “regular” school.  Somehow she knew in her gut that integrating, not segregating her, would give her more independence and possibility in her life.  

Liz had to fight to integrate Desirae, over and over again.  In school, in communities, in work, and even in setting her up in her own apartment.  The ultimate expression of independence.  


Desiree is now 26 and Liz’s vision of integration for everyone has birthed a non-profit DESI, founded in 2008.  Through DESI Liz now brings her vision of integration to a bigger audience.  So far serving over 100 families.  The ripples she creates changing one life at a time is a beautiful example of how one person can make a powerful impact on the world.


In 2018 it is an honor to be able to present and spotlight WBMC Member Liz Jinzo as the recipient of The Best BHAV award at The Women’s Business Momentum Center.  She has already done a lifetime of legacy work and the good news is, she is just getting started! Watch out Liz Jinzo is her to be BIG Hairy Audacious and Visionary beyond her lifetime.

Best BHAV 2018:   Integrate NOT alienate people with disabilities



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