WBMC Power Tool #12 Zero Gravity

When you blast off into Zero Gravity movement is easy, quick and almost effortless. Use the three principles of Zero Gravity to bring more ease and productivity to your business. 

This WBMC Power Tool is like having 3 Power Tools in one!  

The perfect time to apply this Power Tool of Zero Gravity is if you are feeling that your productivity or even your mindset is sluggish or you are finding yourself resisting taking action on a project or strategy.  

You can also use this Power Tool to upgrade your business and move past any plateaus.  

Another great application for the Zero Gravity Power Tool is to help you design Winning Environments.  Find out more about this is our previous article on How to Create a Winning Environment Part 1 and Part 2.

Zero Gravity is a formula that will launch you into consistent action in a way that creates ease, flow, and fun.  

We all know pushing ourselves too hard is not sustainable, that’s what I realized when I was treating life like a checklist, working over 80 hours a week and using alcohol to try to fuel myself.  Eventually, my body just shut down and I was forced to be in bed for 6 months.

Zero Gravity taps into energy sources that fill us up and propel us so that instead of feeling drained and exhausted we can feel energized as we move forward.

Launching Into Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity Power Tool includes 3 steps. The 3 steps can be done in any order and you may find that once you have completed one step it’s beneficial to circle back to previous steps too.

Step 1: Acknowledge Resistance

  • Where are you feeling resistance right now?  
  • What are you resisting?

We have built into us an operating system that is the most powerful sensor on the planet.  Our intuition or inner knowing.  We sense things and the more we acknowledge this, the more powerful it becomes.  

We get hunches, gut feelings, and even physical sensations that are sending us messages constantly.  

Although you may be familiar with noticing positive or negative feedback or awareness, one signal you may be missing is resistance.  Resistance is a way for your body, mind, and spirit to communicate with you too.  So if you are feeling resistance to doing, thinking, or feeling something then that is great feedback too.  

The messaging you receive from your body is very simplistic.  Just like a computer works with 0’s and 1’s, resistance is the contrast that alerts you to an incoming message.  Resistance and many of the ways your body communicates with you is designed to be a pattern interrupt.  To disrupt you enough so that you pay attention and look at what your body is pointing to.

Begin noticing the resistance that is showing up today and then get curious about what it might be pointing to.

Step 2: Create a Winning Environment

  • What can you choose that would create a Winning Environment to ease or eliminate your resistance?

Working with your environment instead of against it is an easy way to get an extra edge in your business and in your life.  Your environment always wins!  Let me say that again.  Your environment always wins.  Eventually, you become what you surround yourself with, your environment sucks you in, infiltrates your habits and behaviors and changes your actions, thoughts, and even who you are.  Learn more about this step in How to Create a Winning Environment Part 1 and Part 2.

Step 3: Ask Driving Questions

  • What do you need to ask?  
  • Play with questions until you find a Driving Question, one that literally moves you?  

Have you ever been so inspired it literally moved you?  

When that happens most people credit the brilliant idea or light bulb moment.  What you will find most of the time, if you look carefully is that it is the question you asked that was the catalyst for the aha moment.  Asking questions is the single most powerful way to create MOMENTUM.  Not every question will move you.  Think of it as a game.  Keep asking questions until one gets you on your feet.  Here are some examples to get you started.

Driving Question Idea Bank

  • Why am I resistant to this?
  • What will bring me joy right now?
  • What do I want to do right now?
  • What one change could I make that would make this work better?
  • What would the upgrade be?  How can it get any better than this?
  • What are other ways of doing this?
  • What would make this easier?

Play with the 3 steps in the Zero Gravity Formula and use them to create more ease, productivity, and joy in your day today!


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