Your 10 High Performance Habits

Beyonce, Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, J.K. Rowling, Julia Child, Marie Forleo, Ellen, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Gabby Douglas, Brene Brown and Christina Aguilera are just some of the women who are recognized for their successes.  You may not be a fan of them all, however, these women all stand out as High Performers.

I believe that a High Performer is someone who shows up every day even when there is no audience to witness them.   They have a hunger and a vision and they take consistent action to move towards it.  I also see a High Performer as someone who measures her actions and her progress regularly so that she can always clearly see where she is and how to move forward.  She educates herself and is always moving towards mastery. Speaking of which, she has mastered her time, upgraded her actions and knows how to harness all her BIG ideas so that they are assets not distractions.  

High Performance begins with how you feel and function.  If you have no energy how can you show up?  Burning yourself out may allow you to hit that deadline but is it sustainable.  True High Performers are NOT one hit wonders they treat themselves like athletes no matter what industry they are in.  

What Are Your Top 10 High Performance Habits?

  • What is one habit that you are choosing right now that is slowing you down?  What could you choose instead?
  • Think of the last time you felt like you were showing up as a Gold Medalist or Rock Star in your business.  Now nose around and figure out what you were eating, drinking, doing or thinking that was a contribution to that.
  • On a scale of 1 – 10 where are you on the High Performance scale today?  What would it take to raise your score?
  • What was the last thing you ate, drank, thought, or did?  Did that level you up or drag you down?

High Performance Habits are typically things you do daily (although I also have a list of weekly and monthly High Performance Habits).  They tend to be small things that pack a big punch. Some of the habits on my list include taking a shower, water flossing my teeth, meditating, doing a 10 minute walking meditation, replacing one meal with green juice, reading for at least 15 minutes and sweating.

Some habits are powerful because they are a catalyst for a flurry of good stuff.  For example, when I choose to water floss my teeth at night then most likely it will trigger washing my face, meditating, and then reading or watching something mindful before I go to sleep. Other habits are energy boosts like drinking green juice.  Also be open to the fact that some habits like meditating may take time to create change in your life or may simply be a leap of faith!

Only you will know which habits are the best fit for you.  Listen to your operating system. Experiment with different choices and know that change is the only constant in life!  So don’t get too attached to anything, it’s all simply information and ideas.

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