What's Coming Up at the Women's Business Momentum Center for Q2 2021

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  • Weekly Momentum - Every single Monday at 8am PST!
  • One Day Virtual Bootcamp Intensive: Making Sales - April 15th
  • Group Laser Coaching - April 19th
  • Business Growth Tools Training: Ignite Your Project - April 22nd
  • Business Growth Tools Training: Power Hours - April 29th
  • Virtual Get it Done Day - May 6th
  • Business Growth Tools Training: Weekly Evolution - May 13th
  • Group Laser Coaching - May 17th
  • Business Growth Tools Training: 21 Questions - May 20
  • Business Growth Tools Training: Right Now Worksheet - May 27th
  • Virtual Get it Done Day - June 3rd
  • Business Growth Tools Training: Reboot - June 17th
  • 90 Day Power Planning - June 21st
  • Business Growth Tools Training: Disrupt - June 24th
  • 90 Day Power Planning - June 28th

Check out the SCHEDULE for our April Bootcamp Intensive: Making Sales (Included FREE for Members of the WBMC - JOIN HERE)

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