What Will That Conversation Do To Your Hips?

As we move into the holiday season we may find ourselves with inner dialogue that contemplates "what will that pie do to my hips?"

However, a better question might be WHO are you hanging out with? 

Not WHAT should you eat.

Imagine that you are really a big sponge.  You infuse yourself with everything around you.  Including WHO you hang out with.

We become the sum total of the 5 people we hang out with the most!

...and it's not just people...

we soak up places, ideas, and even our physical belongings.

  • When I smoked it was easier when I was around people who smoked too. The same goes for drinking.
  • When there is no internet connection, the landscape of my physical environment morphs me into a different being.
  • If everyone is going for a walk after dinner I am more likely to get off my behind and go too!
  • If I am surrounded by things I can't eat (or choose not to) and the only choice seems to be gluten free brownies... I can guarantee you I will eat a lot of them!

As you enjoy this fun and festive time of year (or avoid it completely)

...take a few moments to notice what you are soaking up and know that WHO, WHAT, and WHERE you are could very well be contributing greatly to who you BE!

Enjoy the diversity and richness of your social environments and lean into...

... the good stuff, the stuff that fills you up way beyond the tryptophan and the pumpkin pie.

Just a thought.

Sending love to you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Marianne Emma Jeff

The Women's Business Momentum Center



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