Winning Environment: 7 Steps to Content Creation!

If you feel the call to speak, teach, create, or lead then most likely you have already realized that a big part of what you are selling (or moving people with) is your content.  Even if you are teaching or speaking someone else's pre-written content.  

When it comes to moving people, stories are your most powerful tool and the more personal the better!

Creating content such as stories to use in your business, for marketing, and teaching can really slow you down, simply because of the volume of content that is needed on social media, websites, blogs and online courses. If you feel behind with your content creation then writing and creativity can feel like a ball and chain.  

The constant nagging to:

  • Write a newsletter
  • Post a new article on your blog
  • Work on your best selling book
  • Create an online course
  • Update the verbiage on your website
  • Post on social media
  • Outline a new signature presentation

Can play ad nauseum in your head…. And yet…. Still, at the end of the day, you have not written a word.

Your Environment ALWAYS wins! If you are struggling to create content for your business here is a list to inspire you to create a Winning Content Creation Environment!

7 Steps to Set Up a Winning Content Creation Environment:

  1. Brain Dump! First get all your ideas on the page so you can get clear in the next step.  Rattling around in your head you will most likely find half-written articles, great titles, classes you want to teach and deadlines for deliverables that are about to expire.  Use a MindMap or a list and a blank piece of paper to simply dump everything on the page.
  2. Get Clear  Why do you want to create content?  What is the most pressing or exciting reason?  Knowing why you are doing something is critical, otherwise, you will very easily get sidetracked.  Review the Brain Dump and acknowledge the “reasons” behind all of these great ideas.  
    • For example, do you want more clients and therefore want to create content for nurturing leads and turning them into customers?  Then perhaps your BIG reason is to create a nurture campaign.  
    • Perhaps you are creating content already but feel like you have no time for anything else, your BIG reason might be to get 90 days ahead so that you have the space to do other things in your business rather than just keeping on top of your monthly newsletter.
  3. See Beyond  Once you have your BIG reason then sit with it in a quiet space and ask yourself questions so that you can start to see beyond.  Ask questions like
    • “If I were to complete this, what could it create me?”
    • or “Am I holding myself back by not working on this?”  
  4. Challenge Yourself  Pick a goal for yourself that you can attain in the next 21 days.  Something that is a little bit of a stretch, however, be sure you under-promise so that you can over deliver.  A goal might be to
    • get 45 days ahead with your marketing content
    • finish chapter one of your book
    • or write a signature presentation
  5. Baby Steps Now lay out very specific baby steps to reach your goal.  
    • If you are focused on getting 45 days ahead with your marketing, for example, you could define all the pieces of content you need and each one would be a baby step
    • If you send out a newsletter you might have a monthly tip, success story, and an exercise or recipe.  Each one of these would be a baby step.  
  6. Design Tracking Sheet  Write out your goal and your baby steps along with your BIG reason on a sheet of paper to create a tracking sheet.  Create check boxes for each of the baby steps so you can check them off each day.  Over the next 21 days (5 days a week) complete at least one baby step a day.

Create a Winning Environment 

The first 6 steps created a winning mindset now it’s time to create a Winning Environment for your new goal.  Find three ways you can set yourself up to succeed.  

For example, you might

1. Pin your Tracking Sheet above your desk or on your bathroom mirror.  

2. Schedule an appointment with yourself to write for 15 - 30 minutes every day.  

3. Decide in advance where you are going to write and make sure the area is ready to inspire you!

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