Winning Environment: How to Create a Winning Environment (Part 2)

In Part 1 of How to Create a Winning Environment, we covered What is an Environment and began to explore how you are functioning in your current environments.

Now it’s time to be proactive and design environments that are “Winning” ones for you! In both parts of this article, we are tapping into one of the WBMC Power Tools #12 Zero Gravity.  My goal for you is that you are creating environments that naturally create action, productivity, and momentum with very little effort from you. Much like Zero Gravity in outer space, we want to aspire to function in environments that with small simple movements create maximum results.

It’s also important to understand that whether you invest in creating Winning Environments or not, your environments will still win!   It’s often easier to hear the squeaky wheel.  So to begin with I encourage you to notice which environments are the hardest or least productive ones for you to function in.  Zero in on one or two of them and then follow along with the steps below to turn them into Winning Environments.

Upgrading Into Winning Environments

Work through the following questions with one specific environment in mind.

  1. What is the primary purpose of this environment? Keep in mind one room can have many different functions.
    1. An office may function as a place to meet clients, make sales calls, design products and hold staff meetings.  Each one of these is itself an environment and should be designed separately.
  2. Make a list. What do you need to perform in this environment?  Keep it down to the basics to start with it’s easier to add than it is to take away.  You might find some of the nuances out by trial and error as you go.
    1. My Winning Webinar Environment includes:  Good lighting, quiet, backdrop, fast internet connection, cheat sheets and example worksheets, lipstick, a cute top, PowerPoint slides,  glass of water, a movable desk to put my computer on, easy software, and an accidental discovery: contact lenses.  Wearing glasses completely distracts me.
  3. What needs to happen BEFORE you go into the Winning Environment to fire it up? This is a BIG one!  You can set everything up in your environment and then show up unprepared and everything falls apart.
    1. In my webinar example, I need people to show up!  It’s not nearly as much fun otherwise.  Therefore it’s critical that I have set up a way for people to sign up and that I have invited them.  On top of that, I also need to remind them and entice them into showing up.  
    2. I find it’s much better if I am adequately fed and watered before I show up so that I can be in High-Performance mode.
  4. What needs to happen with the OUTPUT from your environment?  I often see people being productive and then their efforts simply sit there, sometimes even expiring before they are utilized.  
    1. If you create a winning writing environment and create a whole slew of articles, make sure you have another Winning Environment set-up to turn that content into posts on your website, newsletters, and social media posts.
    2. If you are writing thank you notes then be sure to set up a place to put outgoing mail that doesn’t get lost or forgotten.
  5. Always look for the UPGRADE! As you function in your new Winning Environment ask yourself:
    1. Am I meeting the purpose of this environment?
    2. How could this be easier?
    3. Are there any steps, objects or elements that could be eliminated?
    4. What’s missing?  What would make this more efficient or effective?
    5. If someone else were functioning in this environment, what else might they need?  

With all of these ideas and examples go off and design your Winning Environments.  Acknowledge the environments that are already working for you and be on a mission to upgrade your way into Zero Gravity!

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