The Long and the Short of it: Tips for Giving an Expert Interview

As you step up in your business at some point (if you are doing a fairly decent job of things) someone is going to ask you to do an interview.

How do you prepare for this.  And what should you be asking in advance?

Interviews are a wonderful opportunity for you to share you message and reach more people. 

Here are a few tips and resources to get you started

  1. Always ask ahead of time for an agenda and time line so that you know what the interviewer's expectations are how long you will be speaking.
  2. Send over a photo, introduction and three questions that would be really great for the interviewer to ask you.  This is key!  Even if they don't ask you these questions they love that you are making their lives easier AND they will see you as a prepared professional.
  3. Work on your 20 - 30 second pitches for a tip (they always seems to ask for one), what you are offering (if they allow you to make an offer) and what you do.
  4. Watch past shows so that you...
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