WBMC Power Tool #12 Zero Gravity

When you blast off into Zero Gravity movement is easy, quick and almost effortless. Use the three principles of Zero Gravity to bring more ease and productivity to your business. 

This WBMC Power Tool is like having 3 Power Tools in one!  

The perfect time to apply this Power Tool of Zero Gravity is if you are feeling that your productivity or even your mindset is sluggish or you are finding yourself resisting taking action on a project or strategy.  

You can also use this Power Tool to upgrade your business and move past any plateaus.  

Another great application for the Zero Gravity Power Tool is to help you design Winning Environments.  Find out more about this is our previous article on How to Create a Winning Environment Part 1 and Part 2.

Zero Gravity is a formula that will launch you into consistent action in a way that creates ease, flow, and fun.  

We all know pushing ourselves too hard is not sustainable, that’s what I...

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Winning Environment: How to Create a Winning Environment (Part 2)

In Part 1 of How to Create a Winning Environment, we covered What is an Environment and began to explore how you are functioning in your current environments.

Now it’s time to be proactive and design environments that are “Winning” ones for you! In both parts of this article, we are tapping into one of the WBMC Power Tools #12 Zero Gravity.  My goal for you is that you are creating environments that naturally create action, productivity, and momentum with very little effort from you. Much like Zero Gravity in outer space, we want to aspire to function in environments that with small simple movements create maximum results.

It’s also important to understand that whether you invest in creating Winning Environments or not, your environments will still win!   It’s often easier to hear the squeaky wheel.  So to begin with I encourage you to notice which environments are the hardest or least productive ones for you to function...

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What would Dory do?



A big part of building a business is feeling into what is the right/next direction to move into.  I absolutely love that the Disney movie Finding Dory is all about this.

What would Dory do, the message we hear resounding in the Finding Dory movie points to Dory's unconscious way of navigating successfully in her world.

Dory's way of being involves two simple steps:

  1. She looks around and notices her choices.  "Kelp, open sea"
  2. She feels into what feels best to her in that moment and follows her intuition.  "I like kelp."

Most of you are familiar with this way of showing up in your world and are already using it successfully.

It works beautifully in business. You can do a mind map to discover all the choices or possibilities and then you can use your intuition to point you one way or another.

What I want to remind us all of today though is that, that is not the end of the conversation.

Dory swam and followed her intuition, however, she did not doubt...

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Winning Environment: How to Create a Winning Environment (Part 1)

How to Recognize Your Environments

Working with your environment, instead of against it, is an easy way to get an extra edge in your business and in your life.  Your environment always wins! Let me say that again.  Your environment always wins.  Eventually, you become what you surround yourself with, your environment sucks you in, infiltrates your habits and behaviors and changes your actions, thoughts, and even who you are.

If you don’t believe me look around. Notice groups of like-minded people grouping together.  Notice friends with the same habits and hobbies and notice how you shift and change like a chameleon when you move from one environment to another.

It may not happen overnight, but slowly, inch by inch you become your environment.

So why not work with this idea, instead of against it? That way as your environment shapes you, you have the upper hand.   When you take the lead and design a Winning Environment you get...

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WBMC Power Tool #41: Own Your Story

We use stories to communicate ideas, influence, move other people and ourselves.   Just like DNA we all have unique stories that shape who we are.  Your Brand Story expresses your love affair with your WHY (your BIG purpose in life).  We also have many other stories in our lives.  Some stories move us forward and some stories move us backward!

Every month at The Women’s Business Momentum Center we spotlight one of our Business Power Tools.  This month the spotlight is on Own Your Story. 

Stories not only allow us to see more clearly in our business, they are a wonderful tool we can use to move other people and invite them to see clearly too.

Own Your Story:  Driving Questions

  1. What stories have you told yourself today that held you back?  How could you rewrite them?
  2. What stories have you heard today that moved your forward?
  3. How have your actions today aligned with your Brand Story (or your WHY and big purpose in life)?

Use these...

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July 2018 Power Tool #39: 90 Day Power Plan

Just a year after I began coaching, I saw the need for a simple tracking tool to use with my clients and the WBMC 90 Day Power Plan was born.  

Without a plan all you have is a Million Dollar Idea. A 90 Day Plan gives you the space to outline your ideas, choose between different options, and even deduce if something is a viable business model.  

Over the last decade The Women’s Business Momentum Centers 90 Day Power Plan has been upgraded to include an emphasis on profitability by introducing the Winning Strategy area to define your 6, 7, or 8 figure Winning Strategy.  It has been expanded to include next actions and directives and it has powered up millions of dollars worth of revenue for our members!

90 days is just enough time to feel like we can create something while still seeing it as attainable.  Your 90 Day Power Plan is the single most potent way you can get into Eagle Vision and use it to power yourself forward.  

Your 90 Day Power Plan is...

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Winning Environment: 7 Steps to Content Creation!

If you feel the call to speak, teach, create, or lead then most likely you have already realized that a big part of what you are selling (or moving people with) is your content.  Even if you are teaching or speaking someone else's pre-written content.  

When it comes to moving people, stories are your most powerful tool and the more personal the better!

Creating content such as stories to use in your business, for marketing, and teaching can really slow you down, simply because of the volume of content that is needed on social media, websites, blogs and online courses. If you feel behind with your content creation then writing and creativity can feel like a ball and chain.  

The constant nagging to:

  • Write a newsletter
  • Post a new article on your blog
  • Work on your best selling book
  • Create an online course
  • Update the verbiage on your website
  • Post on social media
  • Outline a new signature presentation

Can play ad nauseum in your head…. And yet…. Still,...

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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #10: Surrender

High Performance Trait #10: Surrender

It was 1 AM and I stood at the bottom of the bed. "I think my water broke" I told my sleepy husband, Kirk. "You think!" he scratched his head. "Let me check" I said as I headed into the bathroom.

Once I replied with a strong "YES" we both sprang into action, I jumped into the drivers seat of my silver Rav4 with my husband in the passenger seat and I took off for the hospital.

To say I am a control freak might be an understatement!

I love plans, goals, vision and structure however after battling and conquering a major addiction, depression and illness in my life I also know there is the time to let it all go, to release control and fully embrace uncertainty.

  • When was the last time you just... surrendered?
  • What happened? How did you get to that point?

Power Question:

  • Is there a place in your business where you can surrender, stop planning and trust? The best way to do this is to shift from ASKING to RECEIVING (listening, getting ready,...
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Winning Environment: Where Do You “Work Out” Your Business?

High Performers show up as athletes, rockstars, politicians, business divas, chefs, writers, speakers, actresses, comedians, and in many, many different industries.  The High Performers in every industry stand out because they show up at a higher level. They hone their craft, practice, fail, and show up every day to do their equivalent of swimming laps, no matter what.  How do you get to that “higher level?" You have a coach and you work out!

Rock stars, actresses, and speakers rehearse.  Chefs cook, writers join writing groups, and athletes hit the gym.  As a business owner, if you want to stand out then you may want to create a Winning Environment to “work out” your business.

If you want to learn more about what a Winning Environment is, check out my article on “How to Design a Winning Environment.”

At The Women’s Business Momentum Center I clearly see the need for business women to “work out” their 30-second...

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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #9: Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard

High Performance Trait #9: Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard

Look around you. Who are your role models? Who do you know who is standing in excellence, innovation, consistency, value and powerful goals that they are exceeding?

What are your standards?

In the rush, overwhelm and sometimes chaotic world of creating and building a business sometimes our standards can slide.

On other occasions we may be striving so hard for a high standard that it's paralyzing us and holding us back from getting things done.

There is a knack to identifying, honoring and raising your standards that comes from awareness and curiosity.

You have to know what your standards are FIRST, then like a high performer you can strive for excellence, train, move towards mastery and raise the bar!

When you do that you will dominate your marketplace and become a leader and expert in your industry.

Power Questions:

  • What are your standards around time and how you show up in your business? (Is it OK to be 5 minutes...
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