2 simple (but powerful) exercises to step powerfully out of 2020 and into 2021

As the world is a buzz with resolutions, goals and possibilities for 2021 I encourage you to indulge in one or both of these simple (but powerful) exercises to create incredible MOMENTUM for yourself.  Both exercises will empower you to step intentionally into 2021.

1. Write a Letter 

This exercise is from the 2021 Strong Start Program.

Write a letter to yourself, acknowledging yourself as a heroine, making it through this last year Address it to yourself and use your name, make it simple and don't shy away away from writing in the letter some of the things that maybe haven't gone that well,

Write the letter like you're writing it to a really, really dear friend acknowledging everything that you have been through this last year. And here's what I think would be really fun to do. After you really pour your heart and soul into it either on New year's Eve or New Year's day I want you to read it aloud to yourself and then burn it and let go of...

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What Will That Conversation Do To Your Hips?

As we move into the holiday season we may find ourselves with inner dialogue that contemplates "what will that pie do to my hips?"

However, a better question might be WHO are you hanging out with? 

Not WHAT should you eat.

Imagine that you are really a big sponge.  You infuse yourself with everything around you.  Including WHO you hang out with.

We become the sum total of the 5 people we hang out with the most!

...and it's not just people...

we soak up places, ideas, and even our physical belongings.

  • When I smoked it was easier when I was around people who smoked too. The same goes for drinking.
  • When there is no internet connection, the landscape of my physical environment morphs me into a different being.
  • If everyone is going for a walk after dinner I am more likely to get off my behind and go too!
  • If I am surrounded by things I can't eat (or choose not to) and the only choice seems to be gluten free brownies... I can guarantee you I will eat a lot of...
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Your 10 High Performance Habits

Beyonce, Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, J.K. Rowling, Julia Child, Marie Forleo, Ellen, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Gabby Douglas, Brene Brown and Christina Aguilera are just some of the women who are recognized for their successes.  You may not be a fan of them all, however, these women all stand out as High Performers.

I believe that a High Performer is someone who shows up every day even when there is no audience to witness them.   They have a hunger and a vision and they take consistent action to move towards it.  I also see a High Performer as someone who measures her actions and her progress regularly so that she can always clearly see where she is and how to move forward.  She educates herself and is always moving towards mastery. Speaking of which, she has mastered her time, upgraded her actions and knows how to harness all her BIG ideas so that they are assets not distractions.  

High Performance begins with how you feel and function.  If...

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Playing "how little" instead of "how much"

Over the last week I have been in the thick of 90 Day Power Planning with members and clients. In the midst of all this doing-ness it has been really fun for me to play the game of "how little" and so I thought I would shoot a quick email out so you could play too!
It's really quite simple.
As you gather your projects, goals and to-do's together instead of operating from "how much" can I DO/DELIVER/CREATE/FOCUS ON...
 - what if you operate from "how little".
"Won't that make me lazy and unproductive?", "Won't that slow down my results?" You might ask.
From my experience no. When I under-promise I tend to get an incredible rush of energy and usually end up raising the standards of the 1 THING I am putting my energy into OR getting even more done, not less!

Here are 2 ways to PLAY "how little" as we wrap up this year, to create...

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WBMC Power Tool #12 Zero Gravity

When you blast off into Zero Gravity movement is easy, quick and almost effortless. Use the three principles of Zero Gravity to bring more ease and productivity to your business. 

This WBMC Power Tool is like having 3 Power Tools in one!  

The perfect time to apply this Power Tool of Zero Gravity is if you are feeling that your productivity or even your mindset is sluggish or you are finding yourself resisting taking action on a project or strategy.  

You can also use this Power Tool to upgrade your business and move past any plateaus.  

Another great application for the Zero Gravity Power Tool is to help you design Winning Environments.  Find out more about this is our previous article on How to Create a Winning Environment Part 1 and Part 2.

Zero Gravity is a formula that will launch you into consistent action in a way that creates ease, flow, and fun.  

We all know pushing ourselves too hard is not sustainable, that’s what I...

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Winning Environment: How to Create a Winning Environment (Part 2)

In Part 1 of How to Create a Winning Environment, we covered What is an Environment and began to explore how you are functioning in your current environments.

Now it’s time to be proactive and design environments that are “Winning” ones for you! In both parts of this article, we are tapping into one of the WBMC Power Tools #12 Zero Gravity.  My goal for you is that you are creating environments that naturally create action, productivity, and momentum with very little effort from you. Much like Zero Gravity in outer space, we want to aspire to function in environments that with small simple movements create maximum results.

It’s also important to understand that whether you invest in creating Winning Environments or not, your environments will still win!   It’s often easier to hear the squeaky wheel.  So to begin with I encourage you to notice which environments are the hardest or least productive ones for you to function...

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What would Dory do?



A big part of building a business is feeling into what is the right/next direction to move into.  I absolutely love that the Disney movie Finding Dory is all about this.

What would Dory do, the message we hear resounding in the Finding Dory movie points to Dory's unconscious way of navigating successfully in her world.

Dory's way of being involves two simple steps:

  1. She looks around and notices her choices.  "Kelp, open sea"
  2. She feels into what feels best to her in that moment and follows her intuition.  "I like kelp."

Most of you are familiar with this way of showing up in your world and are already using it successfully.

It works beautifully in business. You can do a mind map to discover all the choices or possibilities and then you can use your intuition to point you one way or another.

What I want to remind us all of today though is that, that is not the end of the conversation.

Dory swam and followed her intuition, however, she did not doubt...

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Winning Environment: How to Create a Winning Environment (Part 1)

How to Recognize Your Environments

Working with your environment, instead of against it, is an easy way to get an extra edge in your business and in your life.  Your environment always wins! Let me say that again.  Your environment always wins.  Eventually, you become what you surround yourself with, your environment sucks you in, infiltrates your habits and behaviors and changes your actions, thoughts, and even who you are.

If you don’t believe me look around. Notice groups of like-minded people grouping together.  Notice friends with the same habits and hobbies and notice how you shift and change like a chameleon when you move from one environment to another.

It may not happen overnight, but slowly, inch by inch you become your environment.

So why not work with this idea, instead of against it? That way as your environment shapes you, you have the upper hand.   When you take the lead and design a Winning Environment you get...

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WBMC Power Tool #41: Own Your Story

We use stories to communicate ideas, influence, move other people and ourselves.   Just like DNA we all have unique stories that shape who we are.  Your Brand Story expresses your love affair with your WHY (your BIG purpose in life).  We also have many other stories in our lives.  Some stories move us forward and some stories move us backward!

Every month at The Women’s Business Momentum Center we spotlight one of our Business Power Tools.  This month the spotlight is on Own Your Story. 

Stories not only allow us to see more clearly in our business, they are a wonderful tool we can use to move other people and invite them to see clearly too.

Own Your Story:  Driving Questions

  1. What stories have you told yourself today that held you back?  How could you rewrite them?
  2. What stories have you heard today that moved your forward?
  3. How have your actions today aligned with your Brand Story (or your WHY and big purpose in life)?

Use these...

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July 2018 Power Tool #39: 90 Day Power Plan

Just a year after I began coaching, I saw the need for a simple tracking tool to use with my clients and the WBMC 90 Day Power Plan was born.  

Without a plan all you have is a Million Dollar Idea. A 90 Day Plan gives you the space to outline your ideas, choose between different options, and even deduce if something is a viable business model.  

Over the last decade The Women’s Business Momentum Centers 90 Day Power Plan has been upgraded to include an emphasis on profitability by introducing the Winning Strategy area to define your 6, 7, or 8 figure Winning Strategy.  It has been expanded to include next actions and directives and it has powered up millions of dollars worth of revenue for our members!

90 days is just enough time to feel like we can create something while still seeing it as attainable.  Your 90 Day Power Plan is the single most potent way you can get into Eagle Vision and use it to power yourself forward.  

Your 90 Day Power Plan is...

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