Winning Environment: 7 Steps to Content Creation!

If you feel the call to speak, teach, create, or lead then most likely you have already realized that a big part of what you are selling (or moving people with) is your content.  Even if you are teaching or speaking someone else's pre-written content.  

When it comes to moving people, stories are your most powerful tool and the more personal the better!

Creating content such as stories to use in your business, for marketing, and teaching can really slow you down, simply because of the volume of content that is needed on social media, websites, blogs and online courses. If you feel behind with your content creation then writing and creativity can feel like a ball and chain.  

The constant nagging to:

  • Write a newsletter
  • Post a new article on your blog
  • Work on your best selling book
  • Create an online course
  • Update the verbiage on your website
  • Post on social media
  • Outline a new signature presentation

Can play ad nauseum in your head…. And yet…. Still,...

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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #10: Surrender

High Performance Trait #10: Surrender

It was 1 AM and I stood at the bottom of the bed. "I think my water broke" I told my sleepy husband, Kirk. "You think!" he scratched his head. "Let me check" I said as I headed into the bathroom.

Once I replied with a strong "YES" we both sprang into action, I jumped into the drivers seat of my silver Rav4 with my husband in the passenger seat and I took off for the hospital.

To say I am a control freak might be an understatement!

I love plans, goals, vision and structure however after battling and conquering a major addiction, depression and illness in my life I also know there is the time to let it all go, to release control and fully embrace uncertainty.

  • When was the last time you just... surrendered?
  • What happened? How did you get to that point?

Power Question:

  • Is there a place in your business where you can surrender, stop planning and trust? The best way to do this is to shift from ASKING to RECEIVING (listening, getting ready,...
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Winning Environment: Where Do You “Work Out” Your Business?

High Performers show up as athletes, rockstars, politicians, business divas, chefs, writers, speakers, actresses, comedians, and in many, many different industries.  The High Performers in every industry stand out because they show up at a higher level. They hone their craft, practice, fail, and show up every day to do their equivalent of swimming laps, no matter what.  How do you get to that “higher level?" You have a coach and you work out!

Rock stars, actresses, and speakers rehearse.  Chefs cook, writers join writing groups, and athletes hit the gym.  As a business owner, if you want to stand out then you may want to create a Winning Environment to “work out” your business.

If you want to learn more about what a Winning Environment is, check out my article on “How to Design a Winning Environment.”

At The Women’s Business Momentum Center I clearly see the need for business women to “work out” their 30-second...

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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #9: Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard

High Performance Trait #9: Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard

Look around you. Who are your role models? Who do you know who is standing in excellence, innovation, consistency, value and powerful goals that they are exceeding?

What are your standards?

In the rush, overwhelm and sometimes chaotic world of creating and building a business sometimes our standards can slide.

On other occasions we may be striving so hard for a high standard that it's paralyzing us and holding us back from getting things done.

There is a knack to identifying, honoring and raising your standards that comes from awareness and curiosity.

You have to know what your standards are FIRST, then like a high performer you can strive for excellence, train, move towards mastery and raise the bar!

When you do that you will dominate your marketplace and become a leader and expert in your industry.

Power Questions:

  • What are your standards around time and how you show up in your business? (Is it OK to be 5 minutes...
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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #8 Innovation

High Performance Trait #8: Innovation

At the beginning of your business story I am going to take a guess that there was an entrepreneurial seizure... explosion of ideas, passion, purpose and innovation!

  • Innovation sparks action and get's things done
  • Innovation is infectious
  • Innovation attracts attention
  • Innovation breathes life into old ideas
  • Innovation births partnerships and collaboration

Although technology gets a lot of airspace when it comes to innovation, there are plenty of old school ways to innovate.

Innovation in ACTION:

  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Apple
  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Memes
  • Garlic Ice Cream

When was the last time you put a new spin on something in your business?

Did you redo a product, packaging or service. Maybe you tried text messaging instead of emailing reminders about events or used a phone based software for your Power Point that engaged your audience more. Perhaps you added in a new story to illustrate a point when you were working with a client or a member of your...

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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #7 Shared Goals

High Performance Trait #7: Shared Goals

A highlight moment for me, when I reached  #1 on Amazon was surpassing the classic .Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This classic book has been a go to for entrepreneurs for decades and the information is still very, very relevant today and so I was honored to be sitting next to this book on the Amazon shelf.  It felt even sweeter that for a while, I was #1 and Napoleon Hill was #2!

Most people miss one of the main messages and keys to success within this book. I know so because I ask people all the time what their big take away is from the book and once I tell them mine, most of the time they don't remember that in the book at all.

What is your Definite Chief Aim?

That is the question, Hill, asks very close to the beginning of the book. Hill brings this up because he had observed in the movers and shakers of his time that they all knew this both about themselves AND the fellow minds in their group.

A Definite Chief...

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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #6 Shared Values

High Performance Trait #6: Shared Values
At the WBMC one of the first things that members do is define their Power Words.

These 10 Words are the shortcut to your core being. Knowing WHO you are means that you will BE that person more often. And guess what... your Tribe (who most likely shares the same values) will just naturally show up!

High Performers stand firmly in truth, authenticity and confidence that comes from plugging into WHO they are more than the AVERAGE person.

When you plug in it feels delicious! I wish I could say that I AM plugged in every minute of every day, however I think that when you get to that point you have reached a level of enlightenment. In fact without getting too spiritual here, I believe that plugging in to WHO you are and staying there, is the meaning and purpose of life.

That is exactly why as I work with the members to create a Strong Start through the One Page Blueprint of their business I begin by focusing on more of WHO they are than anything...

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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #5 Opportunities to Speak Up

High Performance Trait #5: Opportunities to Speak Up
There is a giant gap in building your business and making the leap from one side to the other can feel like leaping over the Grand Canyon, if you don't have a bridge that is!  What is that gap you may be asking.

The BIG gap is experience, falling down and getting back up and getting feedback that accelerates your growth and stops you making BIG mistakes.

The gap is when you begin something and you are fumbling around in the dark.  It's the time spent looking for the light switch and figuring out how to turn it on!

And yet, it's necessary.  You cannot skip this phase, but you can create a bridge.  

If you don't have a place to PLAY, REHEARSE and make MISTAKES then how do you even IMAGINE what' possible? Having a place to do this is your bridge across the Grand Canyon.

One of the first and biggest challenges for business owners is how to communicate their business.

  • Answering the dreaded question, "what do...
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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #4 Create a Safe Space

High Performance Trait #4: Create a Safe Space

Your business is personal no matter what anyone tries to tell you. Because of this it's easy to feel the sting of an offhand comment, the sense of abandonment from an unsubscribe as well as the rush of excitement and joy when you sign up a new client.

It's critical that if you are going to activator your High Performer that you create a Safe Space to thrive in. Within that safe space give yourself full permission to feel anything and everything! Positive AND negative emotions guide us in the right direction.

Feel your business with your heart not just your head.

Yesterday I Just wasn't feeling IT!I am going to be honest with you here, even though I love what I do there are someday's or some projects that I am just not feeling. On those days the best thing I can do is STOP pointing my boat upstream and instead let go of the paddles and see where I end up.

Yesterday the ONE Thing on my list was to send out the High Performer Trait #4...

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Key Traits of a High Performing Diva: #3 Consistencey


Consistent ACTION is a major ingredient in success. If you look at high performing women you will see they have strong rhythm and flow and are consistent in their business.

As entrepreneurs when our PASSION is sparked we are ignited into ACTION this can seem to blast us forward however it is not always sustainable.

Routines and systems create a beautiful rhythm and flow in our business.   They are the building blocks of consistency.  Consistent ACTION is powered by systems and routines. At the WBMC we have defined the 6 cylinders of any sales department.  If you create, automate and refine each of these cylinders you create, as Ryan Deiss would say, an Invisible Selling Machine.

WBMC 6 Engines of Business:

  1. Welcome
  2. Engage
  3. Invite
  4. Organize
  5. Re-Invigorate
  6. Graceful Exit

Are you being consistent in your communication and process?

Do you follow up regularly with your tribe? Do you have a end of workday routine or an Ideal Schedule? Time and...

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