Accelerate Your Emails

Do you find yourself getting the same questions, over and over again, and spending time writing the same reply?

It’s time to install ‘Canned Responses’ in Gmail!

Once installed, you’ll never have to answer the same frequently asked question for the hundredth time. Using Gmail’s Canned Responses, you can create templates of emails that you send often and quickly insert the entire template into an email.

CLICK HERE to easy instructions to set up Canned Responses now.

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Track Your To-Do’s with Google Keep

Google Keep is built into many of Google’s softwares and makes it simple to share and track your projects. 

While there are many complex and robust tools for project management out there, Google Keep is the perfect solution for simple projects and tracking your tasks!  With the ability to use it on the web or phone – it’s always at your fingertips and super easy to use.  You can even share to-do lists with other team members.

Why we love it:

  • It’s super fast and easy to add your to-do list, complete with check-boxes so you can see what’s done and what still needs to be completed.
  • Color-coded task lists helps you stay organized!  Use a different colored to-do list for each project
  • Easily share your to-do or task list with your team.  Simply click the ‘collaborator’ button and send an email to share your list with others.  Team members can also edit your to-do list or check off completed items in real time.
  • There...
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