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Shift Your Mindset, Energy & Ideas to Align with Your Vision for Your Next Decade!

Evolve out of your 2019 challenges and into 2020 solutions in this powerful 4 session online program to show you how to IGNITE your ideas, goals, vision and energy into the next decade.

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The New Decade Demands a New Approach...

...otherwise you will simply end up with the same stuff you already created.  Join Get it Done Diva, Marianne Emma Jeff as she leads you through this 4 Session Training and online self-study course to Ignite 2020.

"Doing the Annual Program with Marianne is a MUST for me every year! "

-Nicola Borland
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Embrace Your Passion

Learn how to ignite your passion and excitement so that it is easier to use it as a beacon to move you forward into the new decade with eager anticipation!

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Expand Your Vision

The reality we live and breathe right now is where the problems live. All of our solutions live in the future.  If you want to solve your problems, you have to access the future by unlocking your imagination. 

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Inspired Action

Instead of using negative emotions to drive us into action tap into your excitement and passion so that you feel the desire to act first rather than pushing towards what you want.

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Permission to Change

Unleash your freedom and exhilaration and release the things that are no longer working.Change is a requirement for growth. Forcing yourself to stick to old choices will only keep you small, stuck or stagnant.

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Disrupt Your Reality!

Reboots are built into the imagined concept we have created called time. We create new beginnings each day, each hour, each month and of course each year. As we approach a new decade in 2020 the energy is primed for a Reboot if you are ready to tap into it.

To Reboot means to disrupt your reality. Sometimes this happens naturally in life. We may lose a loved one, get married, move to a new city or start a new job. All of these are new beginnings activated by a Reboot of some kind. We can also activate our own Reboots by taking time away from our regular routine or choosing to purposely shake things up. The disorientation gives us the space to reevaluate and to choose differently.

The Ignite 2020 Program is designed to create a Reboot in your life while tapping into all the elements of Momentum to create more ease, joy and satisfaction for you in the next decade.

Your Next Decade Awaits You

Step into it in a powerful way with this 4 Session Master Class & Online Training!

All training's will also be available for replay. 

LESSON 1:  Wednesday January 8, 2020 at 6 pm - 7 pm (PST) 

LESSON 2:  Wednesday January 15, 2020 at 6 pm - 7 pm (PST) 

LESSON 3:  Wednesday January 22, 2020 at 6 pm - 7 pm (PST) 

LESSON 4:  Wednesday January 29, 2020 at 6 pm  - 7 pm(PST) 

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