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Summer is the perfect time to re-energize, re-group or maybe even completely re-invent your annual goals;  To get in MOMENTUM and stay there as you exceed your 2019 goals!

A 6 Month Mastermind Kicked off by a Summer Reboot

Hello Ladies! Every summer I tap into the power of the reboot to give me the MOMENTUM to re-align with and exceed my goals. I believe it is the secret to my success. And I want to share it with you! Join me in a 6 Month Mastermind Group (details in the video below).


Join me in the 2019 Summer Reboot starting TODAY!

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Join me in the Momentum 6 Month Mastermind

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The Mid-Year Down-Hill Slide

What I have found after coaching hundreds of women, is that if we are not having FUN eventually we will burn out no matter how committed we are to our goals.  

Fun may seem frivolous, but it is actually essential.  When we are having fun with our goals, we are energized, inspired and much more attractive to the people, resources and opportunities that will pave our way to success.

About 6 months into the year (or sooner) we tend to lose our MOMENTUM.  If we do not re-energize, re-group or maybe even re-invent our annual goals we will skate along on thin ice and before we know it, it will be January 1, 2020!

By energizing your goals mid-year with a Summer Reboot you will elevate your success so that you can begin next year from a place of potency, power and excellence. 

Ignite Your Momentum

During the month of July ignite your MOMENTUM with weekly mastermind calls, downloads and tools to ignite your 2019 goals.  All calls will be recorded ready for you to download and will be available for you to enjoy this explosion of energy throughout the rest of the year.

1:1 Phone Coaching Sessions

To really kick off your summer reboot you will enjoy two, 25 minute private coaching sessions with Marianne Emma Jeff (AKA The Get It Done Diva)

Use these sessions to re-align or re-invent your 2019 goals.  


Monthly Mastermind

Join with a FUN, supportive and inspiring group of women to stay in MOMENTUM after the summer reboot you will enjoy monthly mastermind calls. 

These sessions are also recorded and added to your library so that you can listen again as many times as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Two - 25 minute phone coaching session 1:1 with Marianne Emma Jeff ($497 Value)
  • July Ignite Weekly Mastermind Calls, video training, worksheets and tools to allow you to re-group, re-energize or re-invent your 2019 goals and get in MOMENTUM! ($997 Value)
  • Five Monthly Mastermind Calls (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2019) to keep you energized, excited and in alignment with your 2019 goals for the rest of the year. ($497 Value)
  • DivaFest 2020 Conference Pass ($997 Value) - does not include accommodation.
  • Two - 90 Day Power Planners (Delivered via mail in July and then again in September) This is our signature planner for women in business to power up your action and energize you daily on your 2019 goals. ($97 Value)

Great, you are a blank slate.  Enjoy the energy and MOMENTUM of the Summer Reboot to define your annual goals so that you can map out your path to success and end the year on a high!

The Monthly Reboot Mastermind Calls will be on the 1st Thursday at 8 am - 9 am (August, September, October and November). All calls will be recorded.  And you will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance just in case you cannot make the calls live.

The Weekly Mastermind calls will begin Monday July 1 at 8;30 am (PST) and will be weekly through the end of July.  These calls will be recorded and questions can be submitted in advance.  

During July you will also enjoy videos, worksheets and reboot nudges in your online member area.

You can find all the dates and details about the 2020 DivaFest Retreat, which is a FREE bonus with the Summer Reboot by clicking here.

If you cannot make the DivaFest Annual Retreat in 2020, no worries you can roll over your bonus to the 2021 DivaFest.


Many people fizzle out at the end of the year, even if they are exceeding their goals.  We tend to become preoccupied with the next year, even before this one has ended.  This means we miss out on the joy of celebrating our success, learning from our challenges and discovering the hidden gems to build on the following year.

DivaFest is The Women's Business Momentum Centers annual retreat in Palm Springs, California.  During the two day retreat, create the energy, ideas and actions to upgrade into Your Best Year Yet in 2020


For as little as $150 to begin you can get in MOMENTUM and enjoy...

  • Two private coaching sessions with yours truly so that I can make sure you are crystal clear and plugged into your dreams, desires and goals for 2019.
  • Re-ignite your passion in July with 4 Weekly Mastermind Calls, downloads and inspiration to get you all fired up again about your 2019 goals.
  • Monthly Mastermind calls to help you stay in that feel good space now through the end of 2019 (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec).  Get laser coaching, feedback, accountability and new perspectives to stay in MOMENTUM all year long.
  • 90 Day Power Planner - yes that gorgeous business planner you have been eyeing comes free with the Summer Reboot.... get one delivered to you in the mail now and another in September.
  • BONUS.... DivaFest 2020 - Then to celebrate all your inspired action join us in Palm Springs in January 2020 for a two day retreat with the ladies of The Women's Business Momentum Center for FREE!  Yep, a two day conference pass valued at $997 is yours for free when you register for the Summer Reboot.

Join me in the 2019 Summer Reboot 6 Month Mastermind

Simply click the button below to register. As soon as you register you will be sent to the scheduling page so that you can schedule your first 1:1 session with me!


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